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Movie selections very poor. Lots of talk about social distancing before boarding and then in economy class we are packed in like sardines.

Més informació sobre Japan Airlines

Movie selections very poor. Lots of talk about social distancing before boarding and then in economy class we are packed in like sardines.

Gate folks had trouble maintaining order during birding. Terrible experience. Flight ok. Food not the best. Deplaning ok.

I can’t go to the Thailand Because I put the wrong Thailand pass date. So I can’t go…

El vuelo estuvo excelente. La gente de JAL es muy especial. La próxima vez volveré a volar con ellos.

The delay was 6 and half hours… They didn’t provide any comfortable space to stay. We needed to worry about PCR test and everything, so at least they could provide reasonable offers which is that we could use JAL lounge or somewhere we could relax and stay.

Avantatges: "Typical flight and all went well."
Desavantatges: "Trip to Manila from Tokyo was delayed for 3hrs plus"
Avantatges: "The crew was amazing. The meal choices were great !"
Desavantatges: "Kiosk, bag service, One World Integration"
Avantatges: "Jamás había estado en un asiento de clase económica tan cómodo y que el servicio fuera de clase superior."
Desavantatges: "Todo excelente !"
Avantatges: "the Level of service and the Japanese culture was evident at every moment of this flight. Our boarding process was delayed by almost an hour, and it felt like every 5-10 minutes we had an update as to what was going on and why, then passports were checked early, and service was top notch."
Desavantatges: "In my perfect world, we would have updates way in advance if there are mechanical or airport issues but that is a slim to none chance. That is about it. Everything else was amazing!"
Avantatges: "crew was professional, attentive and polite"
Avantatges: "On time. Boarding was great. Flight wasn’t full so plenty of room to stretch out."
Avantatges: "Nice seats. Ample leg room."
Desavantatges: "Almost missed my flight - they could not locate me as a ticketed passenger"
Avantatges: "The food"
Desavantatges: "My 12 hrs layover in Japan."
Avantatges: "They were every where all the time! No sitting around in the back like most airlines. Movies Hallie and many first run and Oscar nominated."
Avantatges: "JAL is great!"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "It was short flight.. I slept good through."
Avantatges: "The crew was friendly, and the view from the window was stunning."
Desavantatges: "There wasn't enough leg space; it would be nice if the entertainment system had usb charging available."
Avantatges: "Ms Yoshinaga went out of her way to make sure everything was smooth for my experience."
Avantatges: "The crew, the flight, the pilot to cabin communications, the food, USB hookup, and the movie selection was amazing. I am so happy that I flew Japan Airlines on my return trip. I would highly recommend them for your international travels."
Desavantatges: "The flight was extremely late to leave and I almost missed my connecting flight in Osaka"
Avantatges: "No major disasters, comfortable seats, on time."
Avantatges: "The Economy class seats had a lot of room - which is unusual for tall people ;-)"
Avantatges: "Quick local Flight. Left and arrived on time."
Avantatges: "Very nice quality crew and consistent service. Very helpful at desk check-in. Compared to US airlines, is much prefer Japan Airlines!"
Desavantatges: "The flight was late to board. The crew was polite but not overly friendly. I wish they had an earlier flight so we didn't have a 15 hr delay in Narita but I guess the itinerary is what it is."
Avantatges: "Everything"
Desavantatges: "more movie options!"
Avantatges: "Seats were comfortable. Food was very good and snacks and drinks were offered frequently. Plenty of entertainment on the in-seat TV consoles. Gave me a pillow and blanket and the seat reclined a bit so I could sleep some. The airline staff were polite and helpful."
Desavantatges: "Nothing, it was a very positive experience."
Avantatges: "Comfortable and service was pleasant"
Desavantatges: "Like all of it except lack of vegetarian option for food"
Desavantatges: "Airplan so old and ac not work super hot."
Avantatges: "Entertainment was good"
Desavantatges: "Seats were uncomfortable, food was terrible"
Avantatges: "From start to finish, we were amazed by the customer service of Japan Airlines. Altogether we we had a 14-hour day or so of flying with two small children and it could have easily been a 20-hour-or-more day of flying had Japan Airlines not been so great at what they do. We can't say enough about how amazed and blessed we were by their customer service."
Desavantatges: "Having to pay for wifi and not having access to power outlets. Everything else was amazing and honestly these minor things were very forgivable given the great entertainment choices that came along with the plan ride and and the amazing customer service."
Avantatges: "Very good premium economy seats and airline service was excellent - highly recommended"
Avantatges: "Great flight.The service was excelent.There was always a stewardous walking around and asking if you needed anything.Japan Aitlines is definitely one of the best in the world."
Avantatges: "The family had an amazing flight and the in-flight entertainment was excellent! My kids remained engaged for 6 hours and my wife actually took a nap..."
Desavantatges: "As usual it is most difficult moving through the airport in China. It took a long time to get our bags and they were "damaged", however my box made it without difficulty."
Avantatges: "Enjoyed the greeting, politeness and food"
Desavantatges: "More English speaking would be preferred"
Avantatges: "Fast boarding and wonderful staff."
Desavantatges: "A small complaint, but the entertainment system in the plane was very old and had poor quality screens."
Avantatges: "Extremely nice flight attendants, little toothbrushes in the bathroom, pretty decent meals. I would definitely flight with again."
Avantatges: "The crew on JAL is excellent. They get pleasure out of providing service to the passenger -- I was in business class."
Desavantatges: "Business class seat on 787 is awful. Does not get to flat bed level. Really uncomfortable."
Avantatges: "The 787 was quieter and felt very comfortable. The take off and landing were more smooth than I remember other flights being. The seats were quite comfortable and everything was very nice."
Avantatges: "El vuelo partió y llego según lo programado. Se puede usar wifi, lo cual ayuda mucho a tener un mejor entretenimiento a bordo, asi que pude hablar con mi familia y amigos, y usar mi spotify. Las horas se fueron volando ;)"
Desavantatges: "La comida pudo ser mejor. No es que estuviera mal, pero esperaba un poco más de JAL."
Avantatges: "Staff amable."
Desavantatges: "El staff no ponía orden ni apoyaba a los pasajeros al momento del abordaje, por lo que se comenzó a hacer una fila grande, no dejando pasar a la gente a sus asientos."
Avantatges: "Me gustó la puntualidad de la aerolínea y también el trato que se me brindó. El staff de vuelo siempre es muy amable y atento."
Avantatges: "El staff de American Airlines también fue muy amable. Siempre con una sonrisa y buen trato a pesar de las 11 horas y media de vuelo."
Avantatges: "nothing"
Desavantatges: "The movie selection, my electrical outlet didn't work and they took my phone away from me to charge it in economy plus but did not allow me to come with my phone. The food wasn't very good either."
Avantatges: "the crew was extraordinarily helpful in getting me through customs with my luggage which i was lead to believe did not need to be looked at in Tokyo because it was checked through to Osaka by finding me taking me back through customs and onto the flight in time for its departure. JAL's crews on both flights and the ground personnel were very courteous and always extremely helpful."
Avantatges: "We had a 4 hour delay due to maintenance, so many of us missed connecting flights in Tokyo. But the airline put us up in a hotel and gave us meals, so I had a nice bonus day to see the city. The flight itself was very pleasant, with the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen on a long flight and plenty of food and drink."
Avantatges: "Japan Airlines was a pleasure, from beginning to end & in between. The flight attendants emulate joy in their service to others, they are observant to the clients' needs even before they are asked for help. In a long flight such as this was, it was obvious that they also tend to the comfort of the passengers by ensuring that the restrooms are always clean & presentable. Will fly them again whenever I have the opportunity."
Desavantatges: "Can't say that I have ANY complaints at all!!"
Avantatges: "Plenty of room for economy seats. Good food. Free movies and music. Friendly service."
Avantatges: "great flight crew and clean airplane. Pilots did excellent job and it was comfortable seats, pillow and blanket."
Desavantatges: "Food was bad compared to other flights to Tokyo that I have taken and entertainment was very weak."

United es una aerolínea con muy mala comida

ANA es una aerolínea con buen servicio

Auxiliares de vuelo respetuosas y atentas

Avantatges: "The crew was really nice, as you can expect from a Japanese company. Super helpful and smiling. The food was also very good."
Desavantatges: "The space is really tiny. The screen also tiny."
Desavantatges: "Selecting seats online"
Avantatges: "Great service!"
Desavantatges: "More comfortable seats and headphone jacks on the end of the arm rest (I kept knocking mine out when I moved in my seat)."
Avantatges: "Excellent service from the cabin crew."
Desavantatges: "The Japanese (Washoku) breakfast was not as good as I expected."
Avantatges: "Almost everything"
Desavantatges: "Slightly delayed"
Desavantatges: "Excellent"
Avantatges: "Everything!!!"
Desavantatges: "My experience overall is fantastic"
Avantatges: "Buena aerolinea"
Desavantatges: "Que hable ingles bien el personal"
Avantatges: "Abordaje"
Desavantatges: "Comida"
Avantatges: "Crew was very friendly and the service was reasonably good."
Desavantatges: "Seats were not very comfortable."
Avantatges: "The crew was very good. The service was fine."
Desavantatges: "The food could have been better."
Desavantatges: "Old Aircraft Interior, could be more comfortable"
Avantatges: "Crew was good. The food was good quality."
Desavantatges: "Boarding took along time and then the plane was delayed, not their fault but it made the trip less enjoyable. Manila is a poor hub."
Avantatges: "On time. Clean interior. Kind cabin attendants. A high quality standard of performance."
Avantatges: "Los dos vuelos que tome salieron demirados por diferentes motivos"
Avantatges: "Food and entertainment has to be better."
Desavantatges: "In Chicago, the flight was delayed for almost 4 hours which in turn made us miss our connecting flight to Jakarta. Then next flight available flight to Jakarta was 24 hours later."
Avantatges: "Service was excellent, landed on time, courteous staff and good food. Good selection of movies and programs."
Desavantatges: "If the seat reclined a bit more, would be nice."
Desavantatges: "Los espacios entre asientos son muy pequeños."
Avantatges: "Excellent"
Desavantatges: "N/a"
Avantatges: "Staff are super kind."
Desavantatges: "---"
Avantatges: "Service"
Avantatges: "Food and service was excellent."
Desavantatges: "Seats in economy were narrower than other airlines."
Avantatges: "Good communication, food and services"
Desavantatges: "None"
Avantatges: "Very comfortable plane and excellent service."
Avantatges: "Food was served with metal utensils."
Avantatges: "The friendliness of the staff and that the plane arrived on time with no delays. Leg room was ok. My luggage did not get lost. Entertainment selection was good. Overall it was good experience. The landing was smoothly done."
Desavantatges: "Food was ok. Seats were not comfortable. Started feeling sick to my stomach because of the lack of sleep."
Desavantatges: "No opción de español"
Avantatges: "Friendly and helpful airline staff and flight attendants. Efficient boarding. Departed on time. Great in flight service."
Avantatges: "Almost everything was good"
Desavantatges: "Check in was complicated."
Avantatges: "Great service. Crew are kind and friendly!"
Avantatges: "Very awesome and polite crew. Exact reason why I chose ANA"
Avantatges: "Efficient, courteous crews,"
Desavantatges: "Luggage check-in referred to United Airline was refused.JetBlue checked luggage to final destination efficiently."
Avantatges: "Very clean plane. Nice and comfortable. Staff was very friendly. I would love to fly again with ANA. Terrific entertainment system and movies."
Desavantatges: "Minor thing is the headset, which doesn't provide the best sound, but it will do. Food options can improve."
Desavantatges: "We didn't hear the announcement that the gate for our flight had changed. I just happened to look at the flight info and noticed our flight was not listed. I went to the desk then I was informed of the change. Poor service."
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "El espacio entre el asiento de enfrente. Es pequeño."
Avantatges: "Lindas y exquisitas chicas japonesas, atentas en todo momento"
Desavantatges: "Todo excelente,."
Avantatges: "Clean cabin. Courteous and friendly attendants. Inflight amenities were excellent."
Desavantatges: "N/A"
Avantatges: "Everything but the food menu. But it's okay. I usually order Hindu meal."
Desavantatges: "Nothing except food menu. The standard menu does not change very much. It's always very similar."
Avantatges: "Delightful service, comfortable seats, delicious food... what a treat! It was a pleasure to fly ANA and I look forward to doing so again."
Avantatges: "everything was so smooth!!"
Desavantatges: "entertainment : wish there were more japanese comedies!!"
Avantatges: "It was clean and nice"
Desavantatges: "Not enough English movies/tv shows"
Desavantatges: "The seats were uncomfortable to sleep in."
Avantatges: "The plane they used was B-787"
Desavantatges: "There was no entertainment flight system. The seats were also skimpy as it was a domestic flight"
Avantatges: "The boarding procedure is clever. After premium boarding the seats near windows board first."
Desavantatges: "The on line check-in failed and no explanations."
Avantatges: "Everything :)"
Avantatges: "I liked that they feed us good food, and we were feed several times. We were also offered several drinks, and all the flight attendants were extremely nice. We would fly Ana airways all the time if given the chance. Seats were very comfortable and spacious."
Desavantatges: "I liked everything, everything was excellent"

El pase de abordar marcaba DOH, cuando llegué al aeropuerto me dijeron que mi vuelo salía de HIA, por lo que tuve que pagar un taxi para moverme de aeropuerto. La respuesta de la aerolinea fue: "lamentamos el inconveniente".

No permiten la facturación en línea de grupos. Por tanto al facturar en el aeropuerto terminábamos sentados en filas centrales y esperados.

Qatar plane choice on this Barcelona to Doha leg with their business seat configuration is superior to most other and definitely exceeds the poor standard of their business configuration on the B777 leg Doha to Melbourne

My luggage was left at doha nd flight landed houston. Horrible experince i had this time.

Everything was up to date. Their is no issue. We expect your airline will be one of the best. Try to have more flights to different destinations. It will pay you more for your success.

Avantatges: "Great crew, excellent staff at the airport. Planes were nice and comfortable. Food was ok. They have an excellent price to quality ratio; you can often get great prices on some of the more popular destinations and the service is 5 stars."
Desavantatges: "Some alcoholic drinks"
Avantatges: "La tripulación es muy buena. El asiento no es el problema, sino la incomodidad que aporte la persona vecina."
Desavantatges: "Que haya más variedad en la comida vegana"
Avantatges: "Todo muy cómodo y amables"
Desavantatges: "El abordaje"
Avantatges: "El abordaje y descenso"
Desavantatges: "Que los asientos de dos pasajeros estuvieran un poco más separados y que el menú de entretenimiento no esté en el respaldo de los brazos porque molesta mucho al compañero"
Avantatges: "La mejor aerolínea, felicitar a la sobrecargo Viviana que se notó su profesionalismo ante mi persona."
Desavantatges: "Food from New York to doha was average. Doha to Karachi excellent. Over all it was excellent experience. People on the ground at doha airport was exceptional. Very courteous and ready to go serve. This is what I call real service."
Desavantatges: "Qatar’s food is great! Feels like five star dining. Attendants are helpful and friendly."
Avantatges: "Crew was very attentive & met all my expectations."
Desavantatges: "Mu luggage got broken"
Desavantatges: "Me demoraron el abordaje por una batería que tenía en mi maleta facturada, 40 minutos antes de que salga vuelo, demorandome 25 minutos en atenderme para decirme que debo dejarla o declararla pero que no tengo tiempo de hacerlo o perdería el vuelo. Y ahí quedó mi batería. La comida más variada"
Avantatges: "la atencion de la tripulaciono fue muy atenta, el entretenimiento excelente, el embarque organizado"
Desavantatges: "la salida se retraso, y el espacio es algo reducido, la sensacion de corriente de aire es muy elevada en general y sonora."
Avantatges: "bien en general"
Desavantatges: "el trayecto, intenta hacerlo mas rápido y una conexion adecuada"
Avantatges: "a la vuelta habia sitio y se venía comodo, el personal de vuelo agradable"
Desavantatges: "puntualidad, y el vuelo fue muy muy largo , el tramo de shanghai a doha se hizo eterno, 11 horas o mas"
Avantatges: "Everything"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Desavantatges: "La puntualidad. Hubo un retraso y perdimos conexión , un desastre en in viaje de trabajo , tiempo irrecuperable"
Desavantatges: "Atención al cliente: en el tramo Doha-Nairobi pedí un cambio de asiento porque el compañero de fila estaba borracho (subió borracho y empezó consumir alcohol antes de despegar el vuelo), y me enviaron a un asiento incómodo, aún cuando cuando les dije que sufro de discapacidad en una pierna"
Avantatges: "Nice airplane, great crew."
Desavantatges: "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Avantatges: "Comida excelente tanto en Business como en la sala VIP en Doha (desayuno a la carta)"
Desavantatges: "Embarque del segundo vuelo en autobús..."
Avantatges: "Comida excelente tanto en Business como en la sala VIP en Doha (desayuno a la carta)"
Desavantatges: "Embarque del segundo vuelo en autobús"
Avantatges: "Qatar Airlines has amazing service! And they have free internet!"
Desavantatges: "The films are all sensored. And the free internet is only for 30 minutes."
Avantatges: "Spacious for economy, pleasant flight attendants"
Desavantatges: "Nada!"
Avantatges: "Flight was comfortable. Flat bed in business. Crew as such nothing great."
Avantatges: "Crew were good, food was decent"
Desavantatges: "Equipment/electronics was a bit dated."
Avantatges: "Puntualidad, comodidad"
Desavantatges: "El aire acondicionado estaba muy fuerte y aunque te quejes no lo bajan"
Avantatges: "Un vuelo tranquilo y agradable, y la atención de la tripulación excelente. Lo único malo la comida. Muy difícil dormir a no ser que tengas delante salida de emergencia"
Avantatges: "Buena atención, buen vuelo, la comida bien. Nada que objetar"
Avantatges: "Qatar airways is the best airlines and they serve you like a 5 stars hotel"
Desavantatges: "The problem is when they linked a flights frome other airlines companies. Under ( one world ) On this flight the were linked with sirlankian airlines The flight was full and a lot of older asian on flight they don’t respect people and speak loudly The smell was not good enough"
Desavantatges: "Todo súper bien"
Avantatges: "smooth flight"
Desavantatges: "- the baggage drop off counter guy was rude, so was his supervisor, they forced us to check our carry-on luggage and made it as they're doing us a favor for not checking our backpacks - there was a problem with the flight and got delayed 90 min, we missed our connecting flight and had to stay in DOH airport overnight - the food was really bad compared to other flights by QA, my wife got food poisoning from their food"
Avantatges: "Overall better than most of domestic US or Korean national airline in terms of food and service."
Desavantatges: "Boarding took longer than other airports. Too many redundant checks for no apparent reason."
Desavantatges: "Todo súper bien"
Desavantatges: "Súper bien"
Avantatges: "Vuelo muy bueno con pocos pasajeros y todos los servicios excelentes."
Desavantatges: "Extremely small leg pitch"
Avantatges: "I like everything about the flight"
Desavantatges: "Flight was very long"
Avantatges: "El avión muy cómodo, limpio y todo funcionaba ok. El personal muy amable."
Desavantatges: "Nada."
Avantatges: "Qatar business es la mejor con diferencia"
Avantatges: "El vuelo perfecto, el personal atento en todo momento , como siempre para repetir"
Desavantatges: "La comida suele ser aceptable , lo unico en estas compañias aereas pica un poquito y tiene muchas especiaes, pero en general bien"
Avantatges: "El vuelo perfecto, el personal atento en todo momento , como siempre para repetir"
Desavantatges: "La comida suele ser aceptable , lo unico en estas compañias aereas pica un poquito y tiene muchas especiaes, pero en general bien"
Avantatges: "Doha airport is easy to move through; They put me in an exit row behind a bulkhead has plenty of legroom."
Desavantatges: "Reading light wasn't aimed properly, and there was nowhere to put anything because of it being an exit row behind a bulkhead. That meant, that I had to hold anything I wanted during take-off, and landing, and the entertainment system had to be stowed during those times as well, so I couldn't even listen to music as the only controls were the touchscreen."
Avantatges: "Great selection of movies and tv shows"
Desavantatges: "I had to ask for everything. Crew members kept passing me by for food service and drink service even though I was awake. I had to tap/call them each time they passed by. It turned into a joke among me and the people sitting next to me. Entertainment screen is too dim even on highest brightness setting"
Avantatges: "Hospitality"
Desavantatges: "NA"
Avantatges: "The plane number one is very good but the onther one to cairo is good not like the first"
Avantatges: "view above"
Desavantatges: "A gent was VERY tall. I couldn't put my seat back at all. The kicking was so bad I changed my seat."

Ns yo

El servicio y amabilidad

Excelente servicio y comida !!!

Pude hacer un upgrade a ultima hora que hizo de mi viaje muy agradable. El programa ICE de entretenimiento es muy bueno. La comida y los licores y vinos excelentes.

La actitud del staff muy buena en los tableros así como en el mismo vuelo. Los asientos son muy chicos para un vuelo tan largo en turista, el control no funcionaban los botones del volumen y la pantalla tarda en reaccionar. Podría mejorarse la búsqueda en el entretenimiento a bordo con filtros por idioma urdiendo seleccionar varios. Por último el baño perdía líquidos por la zona inferior.

Todo muy bueno

Avantatges: "El servicio de principio a fin de Emirates ,pasaron por mi al hotel con un auto privado"
Desavantatges: "El mejor vuelo en mi vida....muy recomendable"
Desavantatges: "La conexión en Dubái"
Desavantatges: "Deberían entrar después de la primera clase las personas de segunda clase pero primero los que están más atrás en el avión"
Avantatges: "The very dirty bathrooms"
Desavantatges: "Entertaynment"
Avantatges: "Todo, gracias"
Avantatges: "Not friendily"
Desavantatges: "The airplain"
Avantatges: "Good tripulation service."
Desavantatges: "My seat has the table broken, so I had to hold with my legs, and the USB connector was broken, I couldn't connect my pendrive."
Avantatges: "Su llega a tiempo"
Desavantatges: "Que hablen el idioma español o lo básico"
Avantatges: "Muy buena comida. Y la tripulación muy amable."
Avantatges: "El vuelo fue muy puntual, el viaje tranquilo."
Avantatges: "Entertainment system has a great selection, leg space even in economy is big enough."
Desavantatges: "Definitely food, mozarella sandwich was of very poor quality. Also after serving food, it takes them 2 hours to collect trays so you get stuck on your seat and can forget about toilet :("
Desavantatges: "El Boeing 777 se queda pequeño para lo largo del viajes"
Avantatges: "La comidas del avión"
Avantatges: "Todo super bien"
Desavantatges: "Nada. Todo estuvo bien"
Avantatges: "Las camaras del avion"
Desavantatges: "La comida, no fue suficiente para todos los pasajeros la eleccion"
Avantatges: "La atención y tripulación"
Desavantatges: "Como anda el tactil de la pantalla"
Desavantatges: "Excelencia!"
Desavantatges: "Comodidad, excelente comida, excelente entrenamiento y el personal muy profesional y servicial."
Desavantatges: "No tengo quejas, hasta ahora para mi la mejor aerolínea!"
Avantatges: "Todo el servicio en cabina es excelente!"
Desavantatges: "Son demasiado estrictos con el equipaje, lleve el equipaje con los estándares que ellos requieren pero aún así me hicieron sacar cosas de la maleta y ponerlas en una bolsa para entonces llevar el mismo peso pero en dos partes, pase un momento desagradable."
Avantatges: "El sevicio en general"
Avantatges: "Llegó a horario"
Desavantatges: "Desorden en el embarque"
Avantatges: "Cortesia de hotel nota muy buena desayuno exelente"
Desavantatges: "La comida y el vino NO estan al nivel de esta gran linea aerea"
Desavantatges: "They changed my pre reserved seat without telling me and I was by the bathroom. Super uncomfortable the entire flight."
Avantatges: "Es mi primera vez con Emirates Airlines, y debo decir que hasta ahora (al menos para mí), es la mejor compañía con la que volado. Todo sensacional y a muy buen precio."
Avantatges: "Todo ok"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "De las mejores compañías la recomiendo 100x100"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "Todo ok"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "Cómo siempre Emirates no falla"
Desavantatges: "Nada que destacar"
Avantatges: "Personal excelente; simpático, servicial, educado y muy profesional"
Desavantatges: "El business de Emirates es excelente, el mejor en el que he viajado y los A380 son otro mundo de comfort y placer"
Avantatges: "Todo fue sobre horario previsto. Me gustó la cantidad de música a la que se puede acceder durante el vuelo y como está organizada. La selección de las películas también es correcta."
Avantatges: "Todo fue sobre horario previsto. Me gustó la cantidad de música a la que se puede acceder durante el vuelo y como está organizada. La selección de las películas también es correcta."
Avantatges: "Entretenimiento"
Desavantatges: "Avión mas viejo Se acabó la comida que quería"
Avantatges: "Comida Entretenimiento a bordo"
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "El personal de a bordo es muy amable e intenta satisfacer todas las necesidades. El espacio entre asientos de clase economica es muy bueno"
Desavantatges: "Por ser tan amables. En lugar de servir a todos. Cualquiera que pedía algo era atendido antes que aquellos que no habían recibido vomida aún por ejemplo."
Avantatges: "Salimos en hora y llegamos antes. Vuelo perfecto y personal correcto."
Desavantatges: "Vuelo norcturno, de 21:40 a 7:15.... Podría decir q lo único malo es q no dormí nada y siempre duermo en los vuelos... pero es algo q no se le puede achacar al vuelo en sí."
Desavantatges: "Flight from Chennai was delayed. So had a mad rush to catch the connecting flight to Seattle"
Avantatges: "Los sillones son comodos, la atencion, la comida , el avion era barbaro, ni se sentia cuando aterrizaba"
Desavantatges: "Que me sacaran los auriculares antes de llegar y no pude terminar de ver lapelicula..un detalle"
Avantatges: "El vuelo fue tranquilo con un trato correcto."
Desavantatges: "La verdad me ha parecido del montón. La primera vez en mi vida que no me dan un kit para dormir en un vuelo nocturno, a excepción de alguna lowcost. La comida regular."
Avantatges: "No se, esperaba mas de una compañia con tan buenas criticas, el trato correcto sin mas."
Desavantatges: "La comida era mediocre, desde luego peor que otras compañias sin tantas criticas excelentes. Los asientos normales y el entretenimiento muy bueno en ingles, pero poca variedad en español."
Avantatges: "Todo muy bien, aunque el vuelo ha salido casi una hora mas tarde y nadie a dicho nada. El problema es que tiene comentarios tan buenos que esoeraba algo mejor. Sin mas correcto"
Avantatges: "Overall satisfactory"
Desavantatges: "Time taken to Debord at Mumbai"

Flight was delayed 1 hour

Un gran servicio. Debes estar atento en todo momento porque no hay avisos pero de ahí en más todo increíble.

Avantatges: "Staff, not fully booked, lots of food and snacks"
Desavantatges: "Rushing from one terminal to another because the flights were too close together for my itinerary"
Desavantatges: "Delays"
Avantatges: "Crew was very courteous and attentive"
Desavantatges: "More fruits and green (non-starchy) vegetables"
Desavantatges: "Puntualidad"
Desavantatges: "Puntualidad, tuve que correr para conectar mi vuelo a pesar de estar con problemas de salud"
Avantatges: "crew"
Desavantatges: "children entertainment"
Desavantatges: "Puntualidad"
Avantatges: "La tripulación fue muy amable"
Desavantatges: "No había sándwiches para comprar"
Desavantatges: "Filter drunk people. I had a drunk person next to me"
Avantatges: "Good service"
Desavantatges: "Valencia is probably the least user friendly airport. Security personnel there are unbearable. Boarding took unnecessarily long. Luggage took close to 30 min in Zurich"
Desavantatges: "Chose the option with Swiss because it showed that a checked bag was included. Got to the airport and was told to pay up for each checked bag. Great start to the trip."
Avantatges: "La tripulacion my atenta y amable."
Desavantatges: "Hubo mucha espera para el check in . El avion no salio a horario"
Avantatges: "La tripulacion fue my amabke y parents en todo momento"
Desavantatges: "La espera para el check in y el no salir punctual."
Avantatges: "Excelente servicio"
Desavantatges: "Un retraso"
Avantatges: "Todo estupendo!! Comodidad y atencion 100%"
Desavantatges: "Perdida de equipaje mas retrazo de salida"
Avantatges: "Nothing stood out"
Desavantatges: "Nothing Stood out"
Avantatges: "Nada"
Desavantatges: "Todo mal ídem vuelo anterior"
Avantatges: "Poco"
Desavantatges: "Demora sin puertos para cargar teléfono. Sin entretenimiento el servicio a bordo malo."
Avantatges: "El personal muy atento y amable. Las.bolas de chocolate deliciosas."
Desavantatges: "La comida era mala no, lo siguiente !!! El unico bocadillo aceptable era el mix y no había se acabaron antes de llegar a nosotros y en el vuelo de zurich a bcn el bocadillo de queso que a mi hija le gustó en el primer vuelo era totalmente diferente y muy malo pero al no haber del mix, no pudimos comer nada de solido, a excepción de las bolas de chocolate que estaban deliciosas. Los asientos super incomodos muy incomodos."
Avantatges: "El pers9nal muy amable mucho. Las bolas de chocolate deliciosas."
Desavantatges: "La comida era mala no, lo siguiente !!! El unico bocadillo aceptable era el mix y no había se acabaron antes de llegar a nosotros y en el vuelo de zurich a bcn el bocadillo de queso que a mi hija le gustó en el primer vuelo era totalmente diferente y muy malo pero al no haber del mix, no pudimos comer nada de solido, a excepción de las bolas de chocolate que estaban deliciosas. Los asientos super incomodos muy incomodos."
Desavantatges: "El espacio es sumamente reducido."
Avantatges: "Personal 10 puntos"
Desavantatges: "Butacas incómodas"
Avantatges: "Ok"
Desavantatges: "Ok"
Avantatges: "In time and fine boarding."
Desavantatges: "One of the stewards was a bit strange. Something between very alert and ignoring some passenger. The food on short flights are low quality. Would be nice if it was possible to buy something else."
Avantatges: "Personal super atento (en Miami y en el vuelo) y amigables. Muy puntuales con la salida - mi unico punto negativo es que hacia frio durante el vuelo (especialmente para ser un vuelo nocturno) y con la manta no parecia suficiente"
Avantatges: "Durante el vuelo dieron aperitivo/ Comida y Merienda, estando muy bueno todo lo que sacaron. El personal de vuelo estaba mu6 pendiente de servir agua"
Desavantatges: "Los asientos no tienen mucha anchura de piernas si mides a partir de 1,87"
Avantatges: "Excelente el servicio de restauración. Muy atentos"
Avantatges: "The line for screening for initial security at Ben Gurion was ridiculously long. Almost one hour in line before we even could be interviewed."
Desavantatges: "Boarding and in-flight experience were excellent."
Avantatges: "Crew was great. This flight is what I would expect from Swiss."
Avantatges: "Crew was nice."
Desavantatges: "Cabin is old and needs updating. For the cost of the ticket, I expected better entertainment, more room, and better food."
Avantatges: "I hope this carrier grows by leaps and bounds. The plane was new & clean, the pilots executed flawless takeoff & landing, the flight attendants were friendly to a fault, the plane left on time & arrived early. Round trip Orlando-Venice was $980 round trip. The only niggling detail was the somewhat limited selection of movies."
Avantatges: "Swiss choclade"
Avantatges: "Plane on time, crew friendly. Great flight!"
Avantatges: "on time and got us there on time."
Desavantatges: "untrained staff waking people up no flexibility with ordering GF dinner late"
Avantatges: "la comida estaba deliciosa de las mejores que me he comido."
Desavantatges: "el olor de otros pasajeros fue dicifil de soportar"
Avantatges: "es uno de los aviones más cómodos en los que me volado y soy un viajero frecuente realmente excepcional el avión y la atención."
Desavantatges: "todo perfecto"
Avantatges: "Es comodo, amplio gracias a los respaldos finos, y tienen detalles como el desayuno y una chocolatina. Muy limpio. Detalles con los niños."
Desavantatges: "Personal muy profesional, pero muy serio en ocasiones."
Avantatges: "Very attentive to children at boarding and in-flight."
Avantatges: "The crew members were professional and we really appreciate their high quality of service. Love the food and we enjoyed the wide selections of entertainment that was provided."
Desavantatges: "N/A"
Avantatges: "very professional crew, clean cabin, interesting choice of documentaries"
Desavantatges: "it would have been nice to see a hostess walk through with water every hour, of so why is there no world news in your tv selection?"
Avantatges: "Seat assignment had taken into account that we had a 45 minute window to our connecting flight. Everyone very pleasant and helpful. Fantastic help to escort us to our connecting flight so we did not miss it! Did not make us feel rushed even though time was short!"
Desavantatges: "All good!"
Desavantatges: "Warm breakfast in coach would be appreciated, but i understand it is just coach."
Avantatges: "The announcements were to the point and kept us from constantly getting interrupted, very much appreciate this. The crew was super friendly."
Desavantatges: "The overhead bins were packed, some people have to many peaces of luggage. They claim the space of others, no respect."
Avantatges: "Good service inflight"
Desavantatges: "You have to pay for second piece of luggage flying from US to Asia. Most airlines allow two pieces for these destinations even for economy class."
Avantatges: "Loved the cute attendant we had on flight :)"
Desavantatges: "Old TV screen and remote"
Avantatges: "No delays. Good boarding *but I have Senator status so I bypass lines). Food good even on short flight"
Desavantatges: "I had a lot damaged luggage!"

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1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
29h 05minBCN-HND
1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
37h 35minHND-BCN
556 €
1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
28h 55minBCN-HND
1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
29h 20minHND-BCN
557 €
1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
29h 45minBCN-HND
1 escalaScandinavian Airlines
31h 45minHND-BCN
559 €
1 escalaITA Airways
15h 55minBCN-HND
1 escalaITA Airways
28h 15minHND-BCN
596 €
1 escalaITA Airways
15h 50minMAD-HND
1 escalaITA Airways
28h 20minHND-MAD
603 €
1 escalaITA Airways
33h 35minMAD-HND
1 escalaITA Airways
17h 24minHND-MAD
604 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
19h 45minBCN-NRT
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
20h 00minNRT-BCN
625 €
1 escalaAir France
19h 10minBCN-NRT
1 escalaAir France
20h 00minNRT-BCN
633 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
29h 50minBCN-NRT
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
20h 00minNRT-BCN
634 €
1 escalaAir France
30h 10minVLC-HND
1 escalaAir France
31h 25minHND-VLC
636 €
1 escalaKLM
29h 20minMAD-NRT
1 escalaKLM
30h 45minNRT-MAD
641 €
2 escalesKLM
24h 15minBCN-NRT
1 escalaKLM
19h 35minNRT-BCN
643 €
1 escalaEtihad Airways
19h 20minBCN-NRT
1 escalaEtihad Airways
21h 25minNRT-BCN
663 €
1 escalaEtihad Airways
19h 20minBCN-NRT
1 escalaEtihad Airways
21h 25minNRT-BCN
665 €
1 escalaQatar Airways
18h 55minBCN-NRT
1 escalaQatar Airways
22h 55minNRT-BCN
688 €
1 escalaSWISS
34h 00minVLC-NRT
1 escalaSWISS
31h 50minNRT-VLC
941 €
1 escalaLufthansa
21h 00minVLC-HND
1 escalaLufthansa
20h 50minHND-VLC
951 €
2 escalesFinnair
23h 15minMAD-ITM
2 escalesFinnair
33h 45minITM-MAD
954 €
1 escalaANA
21h 10minBIO-HND
1 escalaANA
21h 10minHND-BIO
966 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
18h 10minBIO-HND
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
26h 30minHND-BIO
1068 €

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1 escalaLOT
22h 15minBCN-NRT
354 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 15minMAD-NRT
380 €
1 escalaQatar Airways
23h 25minMAD-NRT
387 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
38h 25minMAD-NRT
402 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
41h 00minMAD-NRT
406 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
51h 10minBCN-NRT
408 €
1 escalaQatar Airways
25h 35minMAD-NRT
417 €
1 escalaQatar Airways
23h 25minMAD-NRT
418 €
2 escalesLOT
29h 00minBCN-NRT
462 €
1 escalaITA Airways
34h 30minBCN-HND
485 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
17h 45minMAD-NRT
487 €
1 escalaITA Airways
15h 55minBCN-HND
487 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
25h 50minMAD-HND
489 €
1 escalaEtihad Airways
19h 55minMAD-NRT
490 €
1 escalaEtihad Airways
18h 55minMAD-NRT
509 €
2 escalesAir France
30h 40minBCN-HND
593 €
1 escalaEmirates
18h 55minMAD-KIX
687 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
24h 10minBIO-HND
699 €
2 escalesJapan Airlines
23h 15minMAD-ITM
892 €
2 escalesFinnair
23h 15minMAD-ITM
966 €

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