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Cathay PacificPuntuació total basada en 6288 valoracions
Valoracions de les aerolínies
Avantatges: "The seat was not super comfortable but the crew was really lovely and so helpful!"
Desavantatges: "More padding on the seat would have been nice"
Més informació sobre Cathay Pacific
Avantatges: "The seat was not super comfortable but the crew was really lovely and so helpful!"
Desavantatges: "More padding on the seat would have been nice"
Desavantatges: "Food and drink service"
Avantatges: "Puntualidad"
Avantatges: "Puntualidad"
Desavantatges: "La atención a la categoría Emerald, ni en LAX ni HKG ni durante el vuelo el tener categoría Emerald hizo diferencia alguna con la atención recibida a diferencia de Qatar, AA o Japan Airlines en que se esmeran en el buen trato a los viajeros frecuentes de la alianza one world."
Avantatges: "The departure and arrival times were good in order to sleep the night, and wake up in Tokyo refreshed. Cabin crew were fairly friendly, but not the Cathay of a few years ago."
Desavantatges: "NONE of the business class center seats would recline. This meant in order to recline and get some rest, the crew had to dismantle your seat and release the locks manually. This meant the seat was in that position until time to land. So I had to make a choice to sleep or eat, horrible for CX."
Avantatges: "Professional and friendly Crew & the movies"
Desavantatges: "Too cold, seats to narrow, food not so tasty."
Avantatges: "La comodidad del avión, el entretenimiento a bordo muy completo y el catering a bordo muy bueno"
Desavantatges: "La atención del personal. Parecían poco felices pero me pasó en los 3 vuelos que tomé en Cathay"
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "Distancia de asientos"
Avantatges: "El entretenimiento de abordo y el espacio entre asientos"
Desavantatges: "El personal, es muy poco amable"
Avantatges: "nothing..."
Desavantatges: "Airplane was extremely hot, service was poor"
Avantatges: "lost connection sue ro the Arline , terrible ground staff"
Desavantatges: "lost connection sue ro the Arline , terrible ground staff"
Desavantatges: "Did not inform us of a flight delay until way after the flight time had past. Waited an extra to take off."
Desavantatges: "I didn’t have a pillow."
Desavantatges: "Delay flight and slow boarding and leaving plane."
Desavantatges: "The seat was a bit small for me, legroom a bit tight."
Desavantatges: "Too salty for the meal"
Avantatges: "No llego mi maleta a Vancouver"
Avantatges: "No llego mi maleta a la cuidad de Vancouver y tenía una conexión y fue todo un desastre con tantas vueltas"
Desavantatges: "No hay películas en español"
Avantatges: "Everything is great"
Desavantatges: "None"
Desavantatges: "Incoming plane was late so that there off departure schedule. Flight to HK was late as well. Bad luck or bad scheduling?"
Avantatges: "Not much, quick though"
Desavantatges: "Plane is old, seats are terrible, hard awkward, strange seatbelt clunk of foam plastic, food was horrible, never saw the crew, it was hot, needed water has to go track it down, it was an overnight flight so not all the crews fault"
Desavantatges: "There was a long delay when boarding the connecting flight to SGN and there weren't any clear updates on the flight status. I didn't mind the wait so much but I wish they had announced the current status more clearly."
Avantatges: "I enjoyed the good check in service, and the excellent lounges. As always, the overall level of service on Cathay was good."
Desavantatges: "The utterly appalling seats on Cathay's old B777s are unacceptable for a premium airline. Non-reclining economy seats which are desperately uncomfortable for any flight of more than 1 hour, and completely unsuitable for an overnight flight. These planes desperately need a refit. Best avoided until this has been completed. The flight was overbooked, and the cabin crew seemed stressed and very busy. As a long term frequent flyer with CX, this was a very disappointing experience."
Avantatges: "Super friendly inflight staff, especially on my flight to canada"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "Left earlier than expected and accomedations with movies and food was great"
Desavantatges: "They were limited with certain meals"
Avantatges: "Seats weren't much comfortable."
Desavantatges: "Food wasn't bad but above average."
Avantatges: "Overall was great, smooth flight and great service."
Desavantatges: "Seating in coach was really tight and during my trip in Hong Kong, I had to be hospitalized"
Avantatges: "Cathy service"
Desavantatges: "Amazing"
Desavantatges: "Seat didn't recline"
Desavantatges: "flight was late"
Avantatges: "Boarding was smooth."
Desavantatges: "Cathay Pacific needs to work on improving their cabin layout for B777. The inside is quite outdated."
Desavantatges: "Hindi movies not that many choices."
Avantatges: "Inflight entertainment."
Desavantatges: "All the food menu options were not available."
Avantatges: "hospitality is very good.comfortable journey."
Avantatges: "Speak in Hindi language with lndian passengers"
Desavantatges: "The child sitting behind me keeps kicking my seat and never stops making all kinds of noise, that really sucks! One attendant (I believe she is from Hong Kong because she once emphasized that she does not understand Mandarin and she only speaks Cantonese and English) she had different faces and attitudes towards foreigners, people who are Hong Kong citizens and people who are from the Mainland China, which made me and my friends really uncomfortable..."
Avantatges: "Good leg room in coach. Comfortable seats."
Desavantatges: "All good"
Avantatges: "All as expected - no surprises"
Desavantatges: "Flight was delayed."
Desavantatges: "Food pretty bad on the 8am flight in economy."
Desavantatges: "After a stressful 15 hour flight from San Francisco, my connecting flight to Tokyo was delayed by an hour and a half, which is something I'd like to avoid in this long of a flight."
Avantatges: "Good"
Avantatges: "The food"
Desavantatges: "seat did not recline."
Avantatges: "Cathay had agent waiting for me at my landing gate and guided me through the change of flights and led me to the proper gate for my new connection. They were very customer service oriented."
Desavantatges: "Flight was late into Hong Kong and I missed the connection to the United flight to San Francisco."
Avantatges: "Cathay Pacific has the most attentive flight attendants of any airline on the planet. We had a tight connection in Hong Kong. They accommodated us, by having us move up to Business Class just before landing so that we could get off the plane first. We made our connection without any problem."
Avantatges: "Flight attendants were great."
Desavantatges: "Economy's seats a bit tightly packed in. Food was kind of Asian based and no choices for snacks but the Asian type nuts/pretzels that tastes wired"
Avantatges: "The staff was very helpful and friendly. Location was perfect."
Desavantatges: "For the price per night i expected the hotel to supply complementary bottle water daily. The A/C was not very effective."
Avantatges: "Boarding was a bit of a free-for-all even though they called specific rows. Still, it went fast and everything else was fine. Seats were as comfortable as can be expected for economy. Food was pretty good, entertainment was great and the crew was polite and helpful."
Avantatges: "crew was efficient, the taipei to ontario leg is more comfortable than taipei manila which has a linger leg room"
Desavantatges: "improve food with better choices"
Desavantatges: "Leg room in economy is just tight"
Avantatges: "Yes the crew was amazing ✅ Very professional and friendly"
Desavantatges: "A few more newer and English speaking movies sure would be nice. Thanks for asking.✈️☀️"
Desavantatges: "It was a scary flight that I couldnt even sleep! I dont feel safe flying with China Airlines! Rude staffs, planes are shaking, food was ok, no selection of drinks (only tea and water),"
Avantatges: "El servicio del personal"
Desavantatges: "La calidad de los 747, viejos y en bastante mal estado"
Avantatges: "Crew was very accomedating and friendly"
Desavantatges: "Good news they have a MENU for the people"
Desavantatges: "It would be better if it was on time"
Avantatges: "We have now been on both TAIWAN based carriers in the past six months. CI aircraft interiors were more visually appealing- I remember BR being too dark..."
Desavantatges: "The temperature fluctuations of the aircraft. This is really for all airlines, usually too hot upon boarding & too cold 3hrs in... Also, no coach class amenity kit. I think BR gave us "sleeping" face masks for a similar length trip..."
Avantatges: "Services good"
Avantatges: "Very standard flight overall, but was mostly impressed with how hard they worked to get me a veggie meal when it was not in the system. The staff was super accomodating and very friendly. I had read a lot of things about them losing bags, so I was nervous. Mine came through very quickly from Hong Kong to Tokyo, and I had a stop in between."
Desavantatges: "Flight was delayed and it was not mentioned until past boarding time."
Avantatges: "The staff was friendly for a very late and very long flight"
Desavantatges: "Almost 70% of the plain was stuffed into economy seating while 60% of the economy plus was empty and much more spacious. I feel like optional upgrades should be announced when this is the case, especially for a 16 hour flight"
Avantatges: "Footer rest. Promptness around food and boarding."
Desavantatges: "Entertainment selection isn't diverse."
Avantatges: "Pleasant flight attendants, great attentiveness. Clean planes."
Desavantatges: "Seat cushions were VERY hard."
Avantatges: "Flight was not full. Airlines assigned seats pretty spread out from one another; gave you more space. Good meals and service."
Desavantatges: "Nothing that wasn't out of anyone's control."
Avantatges: "Cabin and crew and ground staff are well mannered."
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "The crew is always very helpful and polite go out of your way to make you comfortable I have a slight disability that they accommodate when possible"
Desavantatges: "Who was a good trip there was nothing I did not like everything that I expected the food could have been a little bit better but it wasn't bad"
Avantatges: "I liked the movies, and the leg room in the economy section."
Desavantatges: "I don't like yogurt."
Avantatges: "Nice, clean planes. Nice staff."
Desavantatges: "Bland food."
Avantatges: "Entertainment"
Desavantatges: "Comfort I have long legs... no free beer."
Avantatges: "Clean plane. Nice staff. I appreciated the extra leg room."
Desavantatges: "I order an Indian vegetarian meal. No salt, no taste. So I didn't eat much on the plane"
Avantatges: "Everything is good & went fine!"
Desavantatges: "None."
Avantatges: "All staff were really attentive and delivered an excellent service quickly and efficiently."
Avantatges: "Excellent service"
Desavantatges: "I could not get mineral water in a bottle"
Avantatges: "No delays, new aircraft, great service (only comparable to JAL)."
Desavantatges: "Flight attendants are too cute and look too young, I would like to see someone more experience (or give me assurance that they are experienced)."
Avantatges: "Price"
Desavantatges: "Curry chicken noodles"
Avantatges: "Crew was very efficient with great customer service"
Desavantatges: "Food was awful. Would bring my own food on future flights"
Desavantatges: "Delayed one hour ..."
Avantatges: "Vuelo en hora, comfortable"
Avantatges: "Very nice short trip."
Desavantatges: "nothing."
Avantatges: "Boarding went smoothly. Aircraft was on time."
Desavantatges: "No beverage service before meal. No Western choices for meals."
Avantatges: "Good Service and very comfortable business class seat"
Desavantatges: "Las películas están en chino e inglés. Algunos en francés, Italiano o Alemán. Con la cantidad de castellano parlantes que hay en el mundo no entiendo que no haya películas en castellano."
Avantatges: "Comfortable, great service, two free check ins, and free movies. I also got whole row to myself. Absolutely pleased!"
Avantatges: "Nice , good stewardes, man , woma its ok Nice pilot"
Desavantatges: "My baggage have a lock but When i check in in honolulu my bag they dont have allowed my lock! He said its better no lock"
Avantatges: "Food presentation, and comfort. Wine"
Desavantatges: "Could have used a bit more privacy"
Avantatges: "I got 2 great meals on the flight there, the crew were all extremely helpful, and I got there right on time. It was better than most or all of the Delta flights that I've been on"
Desavantatges: "I liked everything"
Desavantatges: "Terrible and ride employees"
Desavantatges: "Chose western style dish, not very good."
Avantatges: "Flight was short"
Desavantatges: "The crew had the same problem as from LAX to TPE. A guy kept talking loud and the entire flight could hear him."
Desavantatges: "The meal I had requested for my family and I was not available. Very disappointed."
Avantatges: "I have flown many airlines including China Air. I travel about 4 time a year. This flight from Honolulu to Tokyo was exceptional and the crew was amazing. They were very nice and sweet to all the passengers around me."
Avantatges: "Comfortable"
Avantatges: "business class cabin was one of the best I've been in. excellent seats and entertainment"
Desavantatges: "business class lounge in SFO needs a lot of work."
Avantatges: "Loved China Airlines. The crew was super nice and helpful. They always had a smile and cup of tea or coffee ready every time they came around. The free movie selection was great and will definately fly with them again."
Avantatges: "The customer service and the food."
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "The crew were very nice and the flight was comfortable as I had an open seat next to me."
Desavantatges: "The flight was late departing. I didn't like that I cannot accrue partner miles for such a long and expensive flight."
Avantatges: "We purchased Economy Plus tickets and were bumped up to Business Class since there was no EC seats on this flight leg. Great service and meal."
Avantatges: "Food was very good, great movie selection, and the seats were comfortable. It is was new plane and that makes a big difference, but the staff was also very nice and helpful."
Desavantatges: "Boarding procedures seemed disorganised and confusing at best. That was a little frustrating, but a minor thing really"
Avantatges: "Flight was great. Everything went smoothly, staff was great and very helpful. No complaints at all"

El servicio de abordaje me dio información errónea ,según visa americana no era válida.mala gente y malos trabajdores

Desavantatges: "The flight was long enough that some entertainment, even just the ability to plug in my own device to charge and use would have made the flight better."
Avantatges: "Very good crew."
Desavantatges: "I can’t believe you installed 1980’s style business class seats in a new Boeing 787!"
Desavantatges: "Aircraft was comfortable and crew worked above and beyond normal crews to ensure all passengers were happy."
Avantatges: "Food was nice."
Desavantatges: "2hrs delay caused major inconvenience on my schedule."
Desavantatges: "Buen servicio aunque salió 5 minutos después de la partida. Viaje cómodo y tranquilo"
Avantatges: "Tripulación agradable"
Desavantatges: "Comida y entretención"
Desavantatges: "The temperature in row 8 was incredibly warm, it was making us and our little kids quite uncomfortable and made it hard to fall and stay asleep! Interesting enough the back of the plane felt nice and cool."
Avantatges: "There was in-flight entertainment. The flight was cheap."
Desavantatges: "The food was the worst I have had in 12 years of EU-Asia flights. They missed two connections, causing over 11 hours of delay and arrived at a different airport. We had to spend 4 hours with visa procedures and rechecking luggage in Beijing without staff assistance. Deplorable."
Desavantatges: "The plane was so hot!"
Desavantatges: "Food is not the best I had on an airplane but crew is super nice and accommodating ,airplane is clean,overall a great experience"
Avantatges: "New airplanes"
Avantatges: "Entertainment"
Desavantatges: "Very poor English for rhe crew. Not all of us speak Polish. Unpleasant crew, like they are doing you a favor."
Avantatges: "Direct flight"
Desavantatges: "Long flight."
Desavantatges: "I ordered a special meal but for some reason, I was not on the list. The crew decided that I had not ordered one."
Desavantatges: "El vuelo salio tarde y perdieron mi equipaje"
Desavantatges: "me obligaron a facturar mi equipaje de mano, y lo perdieron"
Desavantatges: "need to move away from stereo type attire and serve the customer"
Desavantatges: "- Boarding: was rainy and is quite complicated when you need to take the bus; All the other difficulties were more related to the weather. However, for a ~260 EUR flight, the lack of comfort and basic food were unexpected."
Avantatges: "The Dreamliner is new and shiny, and the bulkhead seat I happened to get had a lot of leg room."
Desavantatges: "The in-flight entertainment monitor was not working half the time, apparently because of some faulty wiring in the joint that connects the monitor to the seat. And guess what, when it does not work, the reading light and passenger assistance do not work either. Morale: only get bulkhead seats if you plan to sleep through most of the flight."
Desavantatges: "Se atraso la conexion en Varsovia, la señorita recibio la informacion del restraso despues que yo. Me dejaron mis maletas a pesar del retraso y que habia pagado por llevarlas. Luego el servicio de Grund Global que les maneja el equipaje a LOT muy pero muy mala... nunca contestaron el telefono, por lo que no pude hacerl el reclamo del equipaje para darle seguimiento. Luego me encontraron mis maletas pero yo viaje el 4 de agosto al Delta del Danubio por lo que fue imposible que me las llevaran a la ubicacion. Una maleta llego a Bucarest el 6 y la otra el 8 de agosto. Dos dias antes de mi proxima parada en Europa (Italia) cuando llegue al aeropuerto a recoger el equipaje, nuevamente nadie respondio al telefono, por lo que tuvimos que acudir al personal del aeropuerto para que yo udiera entrar al area restringida a recoger mi equipaje. Muy tardado y dificl localizar a alguna persona que me pudiese apoyar en la recuperacion del equipaje."
Avantatges: "Los aviones buenos y limpios."
Avantatges: "Everything overall"
Desavantatges: "Nothing in specific"
Avantatges: "Very professional crew ."
Desavantatges: "Not applicable"
Desavantatges: "Flight was also delayed by 4 hours and terrible experience. Made for a hellish trip"
Avantatges: "Meals were surprisingly good. Dreamliner."
Desavantatges: "Cramped seating! I was hoping a European airline in a 787 "Dreamliner would be more spacious, no such luck."
Avantatges: "Crew was friendly, cabin was as expected. Luggage arrive safely and on time (was a little worried it would not show, because online checkin said I had to pick up luggage and recheck before flight) (Virgin tagged it to go all the way through). So did not gav any issue."
Desavantatges: "Flight was one hour late. No food service or entertainment for this flight, but was as expected."
Avantatges: "Nice crew"
Desavantatges: "No meals offered on board"
Avantatges: "Comfortable seats. Professional pilots. Variety of movies."
Desavantatges: "Food is junk. Arrogant rude flight attendants. No desire to do their job."
Desavantatges: "2 hour delay and no baggage when I arrived. LOT has some serious problems!"
Desavantatges: "I don't like to seat by the window, and I couldn't change it by on line..."
Desavantatges: "We were delayed. I was also asked to switch seats and was placed next to an ultra orthodox family, who was NOT happy to be seated next to a woman. This put me in an extremely uncomfortable situation, and the crew was not helpful in helping me resolve this. I basically had to go back and undo the switch myself - I would like to point out that the airline has just as much responsibility to protect me and my rights as they do to protect the other passengers, and I feel they fell short."
Avantatges: "Crew was polite and efficient."
Avantatges: "All the rest"
Desavantatges: "I bought economy ticket, yet I had to pay extra for my suitcase"
Avantatges: "We didn't even really fly this route. Had to go to Hamburg then Frankfurt."
Desavantatges: "Our flight was cancelled. Employees lied to us about other flight information. Other passengers received food and water as a small compensation and we received nothing, even though our same flight was cancelled. They had to rebook us twice due to their mistake and no one even apologized. Barely made any effort into helping us from their own mistake."
Avantatges: "Good food and service very smooth boarding and the 787 Dreamliner is a great plane. Flying to Japan included a delicious Japanese themed meal"
Desavantatges: "Onboard entertainment system could do with a bit more choice and choice of subtitles for films (if you speak French only, good luck!)"
Avantatges: "The boarding and the flight itself was fast as there were a lot of people for connecting flights in Warsaw."
Desavantatges: "The flight was delayed for 1.5h which is not ok. I see that for LOT is a standard practice unfortunately."
Avantatges: "Pésimo servicio de la empresa y Kayak, ya borré la app"
Desavantatges: "Borren su app, es mejor así. Sálgan del negocio"
Desavantatges: "Demora en salir tanto desde Nueva York como de Varsovia"
Avantatges: "The service crew in the plane were cordial and professional."
Desavantatges: "The ground staff and customer service staff made mistakes with our infant's name and twice her ticket got canceled. Instead of saying that they will just fix it they blamed us and were very rude to us when they had to fix their mistake. I suggest that you train your staff in customer service or you will continue to lose good customers"
Avantatges: "Brand new fleet, latest extras, fresh and tasty food."
Desavantatges: "Seats aren't comfortable"
Desavantatges: "Same as above."
Avantatges: "I liked every thing the crew was exelent"
Desavantatges: "Dislike to crowded"
Desavantatges: "Free drinks please"
Avantatges: "Boarding was very fast."
Desavantatges: "Boarding started at least half an hour late."
Avantatges: "The price was fair."
Desavantatges: "They were very fussy about the weight of my carryon"
Desavantatges: "Flight late Seats uncomfortable"
Avantatges: "La comida y el servicio fueron buenos. Entre comidas había buenos snacks en la cola del avión. El sistema de entreteniendo cumple su función y tiene una buena selección de películas y actividades."
Desavantatges: "No pudimos hacer el check in online para ese tramo del vuelo. En la página no especificaban el motivo por el cual no pudimos hacer el check in."
Avantatges: "La comida"
Desavantatges: "La comodidad"
Avantatges: "La comida estaba muy rica"
Desavantatges: "Los asientos son bastante incómodos, especialmente para un vuelo transatlántico"
Avantatges: "Great crew had an extra seat next to me"
Desavantatges: "Everything was great"
Desavantatges: "Language skills of crew members could be improved. Dinner was ok. Entertainment was not individual by seat."
Avantatges: "Very friendly crew, nice food"
Desavantatges: "Was not given my pre-selected seat. Only reclining seats in business class"
Avantatges: "China Southern has great equipment. They are always well maintained and clean. The seats in main cabin are very comfortable. A great value!"
Desavantatges: "As an English speaker, I find their service announcements on board often lack in clarity, but they try. I always stroll and enjoy engaging in flight crew in casual conversation about their thoughts of the equipment, schedule, plans during their layover. I find on this more personal level, they relax"
Avantatges: "The 737-800 was comfortable for the 3-hour flight."
Avantatges: "First time doing China southern. Their lay flat beds are more narrow and getting in and out was tight. I ain't that fat but my beer belly made it tight. Food outbound was better than return flight."
Desavantatges: "Beds could be more comfortable. They don't lay 100% flat."
Avantatges: "El servicio muu bueno, al igual.que la.comidad y la variefad de peliculas"
Avantatges: "Todo"
Avantatges: "Cheap flight."
Desavantatges: "Different"
Avantatges: "La atenccion"
Desavantatges: "Más películas en espańol"
Avantatges: "Crew seemed nice, helpful"
Desavantatges: "It's a budget flight so can't expect much, yet the aircraft was small very cold and not comfortable for such long-over-ocean-international flight."
Desavantatges: "Se retraso 50 minutos y perdi una cita importante en bangkok"
Avantatges: "Limpieza del avión y la buena atención del personal abordo. El espacio el clase turista es bueno."
Desavantatges: "Abrieron los mostradores para check in sólo dos horas y media antes del vuelo lo que hizo que mucha gente que habíamos llegado desde 3hrs antes tuviéramos que esperar al menos 30 mins para ser atendidos. Obviamente la gente que llegó después tuvo que esperar aún más."
Avantatges: "Limpieza y buen servicio del personal de la aerolínea"
Avantatges: "I had the chance to chose my meal in advance, the food was great"
Avantatges: "Should provide strong internet connection on board. Food should be world standard and option for HALAL food."
Desavantatges: "No wifi and HALAL food."
Desavantatges: "Habian muchos latinos, y el centro de entretenimiento no tenia nada de español."
Avantatges: "Excellent seats and entertainment"
Desavantatges: "The food (hindu meal) was terrible"
Avantatges: "eat drink all you want. back of plane but not any worse than other seats. good movie selection. considering the airlines take this is a good deal and flight. and all seats have an outlet!"
Desavantatges: "they changed the flight time early on."
Desavantatges: "no me gusto que no incluyeran el lenguaje de español para subtitulos en las peliculas por lo menos."
Avantatges: "Meal arrangement not international category."
Desavantatges: "Too much bumping and noisy air time."
Avantatges: "Everything from take off to landing was great. I ordered special meal and it came with no problem The flight crew was great, very attentive. Beds in business class were fine ."
Desavantatges: "All was great."
Avantatges: "Softer seats and usb ports."
Desavantatges: "Hard seats. No usb ports"
Avantatges: "Seats were ok. Downloaded media for each seat was diverse and entertaining. Food was alright."
Desavantatges: "Crew was pretty curt and not polite. They also 'didn't have time' to load my bag onto the plane, along with ~15 other people. I had to wait two days for it to arrive. 'No time' to load bags is kind of an odd and slightly unacceptable reason to not load baggage onto a plane. Airlines close check-in for flights 30 mins before departure time to ensure that all bags make it onto the plane. I was 3 hours early. Don't know why they 'didn't have time'. They also broke my friend's bag."
Avantatges: "China Southern was good in most respects."
Desavantatges: "Transfer through Guangzhou was bad, no need for immigration on an international transfer, immigration staff slow and rude."
Avantatges: "We arrived safely."
Desavantatges: "I was unable to check in online.When I mentioned this at the ticket counter the agent responded that they kept hearing that from passageners. Apparently this wasn't enough of an issue to make any changes. The plane was uncomfortable for such a long flight. Lots of movie choices, but few current choices. Flight attendants weren't that friendly."
Avantatges: "Professional cabin crew."
Desavantatges: "Barely had enough time to transfer between flights. Transfer process in Guangzhou is cumbersome and time consuming."
Avantatges: "China Southern has arranged with another airline to deliver our luggage which did not get transferred to our returning flight in time."
Desavantatges: "1. The seats are hard. 2. The sauce with the meal on flight 339 almost hurt a lot of people. 3. The flight attendants were less patient than other airlines. 4. No music for passengers. 5. Our luggage did not get transferred in time. 6. The bathroom was very poorly stocked. 7. Hot flight."
Desavantatges: "El mal trato de las azafatas"
Avantatges: "La comodidad del avión y la puntualidad"
Desavantatges: "Las azafatas son un poco groseras."
Avantatges: "I will like to travel anytime with your traveling agency"
Desavantatges: "I like everything about your company"
Avantatges: "One of the better airlines in China. Amazing staff, Bilingual."
Desavantatges: "No entertainment. Inefficient boarding. Tightly packed seats. Barebones aircraft. The food is laughably bad."
Desavantatges: "Miss the flight because of the delayed flight from hcm. Have to wait 15hrs to the next one, bad condition while waiting"
Avantatges: "Take off, landing, food"
Desavantatges: "Can't use cellphone"
Avantatges: "It was on time even thought there was a storm."
Desavantatges: "Ok I really don't understand this. I'm from Guangzhou and CAN is home airport and China Southern Airline is pretty much my hometown airline. So basically CAN is their hub and they should have certain privileges at CAN. But every time I went to CAN to take a China Southern airline I had to take a shuttle to board the flight. Even for a huge flight like 787 you still have to take the shuttle to board. Can't they request a gate for big air crafts like this? And then the food is really bad. If you don't have to land in CAN, I would consider flying to HKG instead with Cathay Pacific."
Avantatges: "trip to destination was OK"
Desavantatges: "trip from destination was disaster plane was delayed and our luggages were not with us. We arrived Friday. Was told luggages will arrive & ship by Saturday. Called again this morning(saturday) now it will be shipped Sunday. What a night mare!!!!!"
Avantatges: "Built-in entertainment and A380 were great."
Desavantatges: "Delay and food."
Avantatges: "Everything from the service to the food to the attentiveness of the staff, from check-in to gate to flight attendants was superb."
Desavantatges: "Horrible food, the most disgusting food I have ever tried on an airplane. Delayed both ways, 5 hours and 7 hours."
Avantatges: "I had a long layover in China, was coming from Nepal and the airline provided me with a great hotel room, transportation back and forth to the airport, even a museum pass and city tour. Wow, that's a first!"
Avantatges: "I like the Service of the Stewardess who is polite & efficient. She is very attentive to the needs of the passengers. Her Partner on the other hand, brought down our handcarried luggages from the head cabin when we landed in Manila airport. This is the first time an attended did this in my China Southern flights. We appreciate this very much."
Desavantatges: "The food as usual is mediocre."
Avantatges: "Overall service, layover arrangement, on time, cabin service/cleanliness etc."
Avantatges: "The flight was on time. Meal was fine. Rice with chicken or beef. Wine or beer with meal."
Avantatges: "I've flown China Southern several times before and like the airline. Legroom is good, so is the service and the movie selection."
Desavantatges: "The food was okay but for our western taste doesn't deserve an 'excellent' rating ...and on other long distance flights the crew comes around to serve water or Oj, or they give you a water bottle. None of this happened on this flight...while the crew was still friendly and helpful, it could have been better service, sorry! The seats also seemed a litter harder than on previous flights, not 100% sure if it was the case or if it was just my own impression, LOL."
Avantatges: "I've flown China Southern several times before and like the airline. Legroom is good, so is the service and the movie selection."
Desavantatges: "I would like the food choices to be containing less fish as it's rather smelly in a contained space such as an aircraft. Otherwise it was a rather short flight so no complaints."
Avantatges: "food was fine"
Desavantatges: "I asked for a cup of coffee. They literally poured me one fourth of a small cup of coffee. When I asked for more, they put about 2 teaspoons more in the cup. Flight attendants shoved against you in the aisles. None of them smiled or were friendly."
Avantatges: "Not a big fan of most of the Chinese airlines, but CZ is really quite decent. They are usually on time and things tend to work out. No complaints on this flight."
Desavantatges: "Food, English skills of the crew, unruly behavior of some of the passengers not controlled by the crew. Nothing that was unexpected"
Avantatges: "Quick and efficient check-in. Very helpful personnel - I went away to pay my excess baggage and returned to a long line - but, the check-in clerk beckoned me to the front and handed me my boarding pass! Nice!!"
Desavantatges: "Massive lines for security gates......if my flight had not been delayed, I would have missed my flight. I was in the security line for over 90 minutes!"
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "Todo."
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "Nada confortable la gente encima de ti"
Desavantatges: "La comida y el entretenimiento"
Avantatges: "Nada"
Desavantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "WiFi and entertainment"
Desavantatges: "No movie."
Avantatges: "Aircraft is new"
Desavantatges: "Transfer was very bad , have to walk half hour in Chengdu airport to transfer the flight to Sydney"
Avantatges: "Seats was ok not very comfortable . They don’t understand English . Before food served there is announcement for apologies for not choice. I ask her about food , what is this she said I don’t know. They don’t know what they are serving. It taste was horrible. That was the desert with food."
Desavantatges: "They have to learn English and serve the better quality of food."
Avantatges: "nothing"
Desavantatges: "the food is simply awful... the lock to my luggage was removed and they didn't leave any notice of inspection"
Avantatges: "Good crews!"
Desavantatges: "I’m still at the airport. I haven’t gotten back to my final destination yet. The first flight got delayed and the second one left. Everything got messed up."
Avantatges: "There was a 2-hour delay after all the passengers boarded."
Desavantatges: "Boarding process in Beijing Airport."
Avantatges: "the Japanese staff was friendly and nice"
Desavantatges: "i am very sorry to say this but the food is simply disgusting"
Avantatges: "Check in rápido, asientos cómodos, control de equipaje"
Desavantatges: "Comida avión"
Avantatges: "Muy buenos los asientos de exit!!!!!!"
Desavantatges: "package service. lost my package twice."
Avantatges: "It was cheap"
Desavantatges: "The aircraft was super old. The flight was delayed. The transfer at PEK (beijing) airport is horrendous. Never again."
Avantatges: "The crew was very friendly and accommodating"
Avantatges: "No me gustó nada al contrario no hablan ni el idioma inglés ni español"
Desavantatges: "Me intoxique con la comida y vomite y estuve dentro del avión vomitando como 25 mnts y me fui a mi asiento y me sentí mareada de tanto vomitar y trajeron una doctora y me hizo preguntas de 3 meses si tuve algo oh alérgica a un medicamento y le dije que have 7 meses sólo había tenido un ataque al corazón que no tiene que ver con la intoxicación de la comida y dijeron que no pero no tenia nada solo el malestar u decidieron bajarme en otra Ciudad Alaska sin consultar primero y no me sentía grabe solo mareada de la fuerza del vomito y de ahí me mandaron para Ciaro luego los Ángeles y de ahí para China cantón y ahora me toca regresarme y no me dejan subir al avión si no traigo un certificado médico estoy en.China yo no conozco ningún hospital y no tengo médico de cabecera viajo al año 15 veces puedo mandar fotos de mi pasaporte y nunca me a pasado esto con la comida y menos de tirarme en otra ciudad ahora no puedo regresar a mi País de Recidemcia USA por que no quieren que suba entonces que hago aquí comprar otro ticket por que"
Avantatges: "La puntualidad y atención en la aerolínea es muy buena. Tienen variedad de películas y series. La comida es buena. Todos los asientos tienen una pequeña almohada y cobija para ir más cómodos."
Desavantatges: "El espacio entres asientos para un viaje largo no es tan cómoda pero siempre existe la opción de comprar VIP"
Avantatges: "Todo en hora, y sin problemas"
Desavantatges: "Como cosa no tan positiva, al llegar de mañana a aeropuerto siguen dando comida en lugar de un buen desayuno"
Desavantatges: "Service was better than expected"
Avantatges: "Short flight from Shanghai to Narita."
Desavantatges: "Something delayed the takeoff of all planes at Shanghai. 2 hour backup. We were moving but slowly."
Avantatges: "Nice flight staff"
Desavantatges: "Food was only passable"
Avantatges: "Level of Service and the food."
Avantatges: "Middle of the roax"
Desavantatges: "To tight of a seat for a man who is 6'3 275 lbs. Shear brutality"
Desavantatges: "Nobody was even at the counter? Only a sign saying the flight was cancelled. Worst experience at the airport I've ever had."
Desavantatges: "2 hr. delay, missed connection to Manila, nightmare to get baggage, transfer to another airline, 9 hrs. longer than planned travel due to delay in departure from Manila, supposed cold weather had frozen water lines???? Not the first time delayed flight, caused problem for connection. should make Manila connection layover 4 hrs. not 2, since the flight from New York/Newark ALWAYS late."
Avantatges: "There was free water"
Desavantatges: "Flight was delayed, poor communication, almost a riot at the boarding gate when flight became delayed with no explanation"
Avantatges: "The crew, the boarding, the plane and the food were all fine."
Desavantatges: "The plane just did not take off for 2 hours. I missed my connection flight and have to wait at the airport for additional 24 hours. Very exhausting and unpleasant experience."
Avantatges: "The crew were nice"
Desavantatges: "Again the food was terrible. And this was an international flight and there wasn’t even a tv for watching movies! So all you could do was sit crammed in your seat for hours!!"
Avantatges: "Most of the staff was very helpful and accommodating. On the first leg of the flight one of the attendants even suggested a wine with dinner, a very kind gesture."
Desavantatges: "When my husband and I went to check in for our flight at the desk we had to wait very long time to get checked in. We noticed that one of the girls was in training, which is understandable but just inconvenient. We are both very patient people but this just made us nervous because our first flight on Air China to Japan on 10/26/17 was very delayed and caused us to have to literally run and still go through a rigorous security check. We were not rushed through the line even though we had nothing to do with our flight being delayed on our second leg. We then had to wait in another long line for security even after arriving into China on our flight back. There was also someone on board before take off with a medical problem and we could tell that some of the patrons started getting a bit aggressive or irritable. I don’t think the crew could’ve done much in that regard but wish the issue had been resolved a little quicker. I believe it was a 40 minute delay in take off."
Avantatges: "Quick flight love the journey map!"
Desavantatges: "Awful seat mates. Dumb bros who couldn’t stop calling everything “fire”. Couldn’t be helped tho."
Avantatges: "it was a very comfortable flight and the crew was friendly and helpful. We were traveling with two small children, so saying it was a comfortable flight is very high praise."
Desavantatges: "It was VERY annoying that we had to keep all cell phones turned off the entire flight. We preloaded games for my 5 year old son on an old iPhone 4 that is not connected to the internet or any cell service or bluetooth or anything and he was not allowed to use it the entire flight. Very frustrating for him and us. I wish this information was clearly provided on the Air China website when we booked the tickets so we could have planned accordingly."
Avantatges: "At least the flight attendants were able to communicate with passengers in English."
Desavantatges: "Unable to eat meal due to airline not accommodating food allergies. The flight was delayed, but the airline was ineffective communicating with passengers... no announcement, they just didn’t show up at the gate on time."
Desavantatges: "Same as above, and the entertainment is also limited for western customers."
Desavantatges: "Flight was 18hrs late, and we were kept at the boarding gate the whole time without information from ground crew. We were not offered hotel room or meal coupon, only instant noodles. It was a very bad experience for us."
Avantatges: "En general bueno, el avión llegó antes de lo previsto"
Avantatges: "El personal en el vuelo atento en los requerimientos"
Desavantatges: "."
Avantatges: "En general el vuelo fue bueno"
Desavantatges: "La estadía en el cuarto blanco en Vancouver pudiera ser más agradable y a lo mejor tener un poco de agua o café en lo que se espera"
Avantatges: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desavantatges: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Avantatges: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desavantatges: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Avantatges: "The plane was comfortable, The foot rest in coach was nice to have. The service was professional, pleasant and stress free. i would fly them again."
Desavantatges: "I got my baggage after 4 days from landing."
Desavantatges: "After boarding, passengers sitting on the plane for ~2 hours before the plane starts to depart"
Desavantatges: "everything, dont book to justfly, its a trouble"
Avantatges: "Cheap fare"
Desavantatges: "Horrible food In flight entertainment system was poor, outdated, very less choices"
Avantatges: "Cheap, everything worked out."
Avantatges: "Flight and Crew were good but entertainment wan't as they had old selections in Entertainment."
Desavantatges: "I had booked "Hindu-vegetarian" meal (it's completely different than Chinese Veg or other Veg) and they often had Chinese Veg in the flight. If they can't offer "Hindu-Vegetarian" then they should remove this option from their list of meal."
Avantatges: "Newish aircraft and comfortable seats"

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Tòquio Narita (NRT)Japó

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