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Auxiliares de vuelo respetuosas y atentas

The crew are very polite and attentive, the plane is comfy and clean. The food could have been better. It's not for all people's taste. They should give atleast two meals in a 4-5hr flight, a snack and a meal coz the portions are so little.

Avantatges: "Buena aerolinea"
Desavantatges: "Que hable ingles bien el personal"
Avantatges: "Abordaje"
Desavantatges: "Comida"
Avantatges: "Seating was fine"
Desavantatges: "If flight cost less lol"
Avantatges: "Logjam Manila traffic, confusion at MNL, late for check in, but staff got me on the plane. Then my suitcase was busted open at Chicago O'Hare on the conveyor belt and ANA issued me a replacement on the spot. Two problems [ not their fault ] handled beautifully. ANA is truly amazing. Thank You !!"
Avantatges: "The crew was great, friendly and helpful. The food was good and the overall service on the plane was great."
Desavantatges: "Our flight was delayed from Los Angeles and we did not make our connecting flight in Tokyo. The next option they had was a full 24 hours later so we ended up taking the train. I tried to make adjustments to one of my flights for the return home and was told that is not an option."
Avantatges: "Perhaps the most courteous airline I’ve experienced."
Avantatges: "Friendly staff, fast service, and good food."
Avantatges: "On time. Clean interior. Kind cabin attendants. A high quality standard of performance."
Avantatges: "ANA did great on everything I could expect from a flight."
Avantatges: "Los dos vuelos que tome salieron demirados por diferentes motivos"
Avantatges: "The cabin crew was great in services"
Desavantatges: "Priority not thought"
Avantatges: "Clean plane, comfy seats and great staff"
Desavantatges: "Everything was good didn’t hate anything"
Avantatges: "Premium economy is the way to go! Comfy seats with plenty of room; preflight lounge access."
Desavantatges: "Unfortunately, premium economy is the only way to go, because economy class seats are very cramped and "locked" in the upright position (for a 10+ hour flight), and it's a bit pricey."
Avantatges: "The flight attendants were so nice and the food was really good."
Avantatges: "Had the katsudon and it was great, love the little tapas dishes they include with it."
Desavantatges: "Would have loved to get a hot towel and slippers. 787 got quite cold when sitting in the middle section. Didn’t seem to have any way to control it."
Avantatges: "Excellent service."
Avantatges: "Everything was as I paid for. All the planes left on time. No issues."
Desavantatges: "What can you expect in economy?"
Avantatges: "Excellent service."
Avantatges: "It was a fast flight, the crew was very accommodating and it was very comfortable."
Desavantatges: "Los espacios entre asientos son muy pequeños."
Avantatges: "I had a headache and I asked for getting aspirin to one flight attendant. Later on, I found out that many attendants were aware of my situation and kindly checked-in regularly if I was OK. Excellent hospitality no matter what kind of class your seat was!"
Avantatges: "service..service..service and ontime performance"
Avantatges: "Big TV screen. Food."
Avantatges: "Everything was fine"
Desavantatges: "The seats hurt my butt"
Avantatges: "service from crew"
Desavantatges: "chaotic boarding process/queue. connecting flight gate is quite a walk from 1 terminal to another (went down 3 floors of escalator ride and a distance tunnel walk - on a tight connection time (after a delayed departure/arrival)."
Desavantatges: "Food was ok and limited entertainment"
Avantatges: "comfortable seats Leg room Amazing crew Good food Free movies I enjoyed all 9 hours!"
Avantatges: "The crew were very kind and helpful, I was having a sore throats and asked for a candy if possible, the crew answered immediately yes and came back with throat candies that I exactly wished for."
Desavantatges: "The flight was having pretty bad turbulence but there was no explanation from the pilot or anything. Also I also took the same flight on my way to Mexico from Tokyo about 10 days ago but there was better food and beverage sevice."
Avantatges: "the service were fantastic. the flight attendants were very courteous; offering food & snacks and drinks non-stopped. overall, the services offered were great."
Desavantatges: "the temperature inside was overwhelmingly hot made it impossible to relax. in a crowded airplane, such environment is perfect for customers to acquire upper respiratory infection once they have to share the air with others. please adjust the air temperature. thanks"
Desavantatges: "No opción de español"
Avantatges: "Enough room for relax"
Desavantatges: "none"
Avantatges: "The leg space and the comfortable chair"
Desavantatges: "The crew they hardly speak English but its ok"
Avantatges: "The staff are friendly and helpful. The seat is very comfy"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "El espacio entre el asiento de enfrente. Es pequeño."
Avantatges: "Lindas y exquisitas chicas japonesas, atentas en todo momento"
Desavantatges: "Todo excelente,."
Avantatges: "The most comfortable economy flight I have experienced so far. The service, food and entertainment options were all excellent. Definitely looking forward to our return flight back to YVR!"
Avantatges: "I slept most of the way home so didn`t use the entertainment."
Avantatges: "ANA is always prompt, even when there are delays. The flight attendants are always kind and polite."
Desavantatges: "Today's flight was delayed and set back arrival by twenty minutes."
Avantatges: "I fly around often, at least 10 times a year, and ANA has always had the best service, cleanest planes, and the best entertainment. I recommend flying with ANA anytime you travel."
Avantatges: "Great service, I'd definitely fly again."
Desavantatges: "Tokyo to delhi flight seat does not recline all way as compare with Tokyo to San Jose flight."
Avantatges: "Unexpectedly upgraded to business class - fantastic way to start a business trip... Food was amazing, and the seats and legroom are of course paradise compared with economy class - thanks ANA!"
Avantatges: "All good"
Desavantatges: "nothing"
Avantatges: "Nothing really major to complain about but nothing that went the extra mile..."
Desavantatges: "The food was sub par.... And the service was very minimal. I felt that there were too few flight attendants for the large capacity of the Triple 7."
Avantatges: "Crew were friendly & accomodating... More room space on seats & in between seats...I will definitely fly with ANA again."
Avantatges: "Best flight I've ever had"
Avantatges: "On time, great crew and service."
Avantatges: "Lots of movie options, the food was good (had multiple food dish options for each meal)"
Avantatges: "En cuanto a la comodidad y el servicio en general fue aceptable, pero el personal casi no habla inglés."
Desavantatges: "Perdieron mi equipaje y sigo sin recuperarlo. Claramente deberían mejorar ese aspecto. No vuelo nunca más con esta compañía y no se la recomendaría a nadie. ."
Avantatges: "The flight per se is not too bad. But the transit in Beijing is horrible. A shuttle bus ran almost 20 minutes to get us from landing spot to luggage pick up and waited another 20 min to get our luggage. We almost missed our next flight and the airport staff didn't want to help at all."
Desavantatges: "I miss the flight and I need to change it please"
Avantatges: "Yes"
Desavantatges: "It was comfortable flights, reasonable price , very nice crew, they got me all I need."
Avantatges: "Great crew. Food. Lay flat bed."
Desavantatges: "During my transit of 11h00 in Beijing i was stuck in an area without anything. I asked the Hainan crew to get something to drink and their answer was wait 3 hours before departure and you ll go trough immigration...... Hainan never more !!!!"
Desavantatges: "No habia counter del check in de la aerolinea y ningun letrero en inglés."
Avantatges: "The company seems to be good based on their tv advertisement."
Desavantatges: "Seems like the crew doesn’t pay attention to people who does not speak mandarin or don't want to pay attention to a different race, gender or color of people. They kept at minimum contact as possible even neglect to collect the snack rabish until called by their fellow Chinese who asked for that to be removed."
Avantatges: "Special meals were delivered very quickly. Enjoyed all the nature films. Stewardesses were very helpful and spoke enough English to understand."
Avantatges: "Service"
Desavantatges: "Video feed for Movies went down in my part of the cabin after an hour and could never be fixed."
Avantatges: "Cabin temperature was reasonable; staff were nice and helpful; time spent boarding was good."
Desavantatges: "Food was just OK; seats were not the most comfortable"
Avantatges: "Very good"
Avantatges: "This was a fantastic flight. The cabin crew were amazing. I felt like I was having a first class experience ... they provided everything quickly and efficiently! The food was delicious!"
Desavantatges: "there was nothing to dislike. This was perhaps the best long distance flight I’ve ever taken"
Avantatges: "Customer service from the crew was outstanding."
Desavantatges: "Lack of leg room."
Avantatges: "Nice movie selection of movies."
Desavantatges: "Nothing."
Avantatges: "The staff was friendly and attentive and were up often with beverage service"
Desavantatges: "The entertainment system was awful. The sound quality was terrible and the touch screen was horribly misaligned"
Avantatges: "Food was quite good and there were plenty of TV and movie options to choose from. Little perks like warm washcloths before meals and a packet with slippers, an eye mask and a a toothbrush were a nice touch for an economy seat. Staff had a very helpful attitude."
Avantatges: "Food was good, people were nice, plenty of space to stretch"
Desavantatges: "Priority to Business is announced but there is no separation with economy and they start loading passengers up right away."
Avantatges: "It looks like economy starts in the 30's - so my seat 35K wast actually just a few rows in, not in the rear of the plane as I would have expected (in the States). Luckily I looked up when I was only at row 37 and could sneak back to my seat real quick!"
Desavantatges: "we need to check in again at Beijing airport. the restroom is so terrible ."
Avantatges: "Food service"
Desavantatges: "Transfer , you need bring your bags to transfer to other fly."
Avantatges: "Lots of snacks available"
Desavantatges: "The announcements regarding turbulence were more disturbing than the turbulence.... It was just too loud"
Desavantatges: "Perdí el vuelo de conexión hacia Shanghai, tuve que irme en tren y no me permitieron abordar los vuelos de regreso. Tuve que comprar otro pasaje en otra aero linea."
Avantatges: "Vuelo, muy organizado, servicio de comida muy bueno."
Avantatges: "We had a great experience flying with Hainan. We mostly enjoyed the availability of snacks and beverages throughout the flight."
Desavantatges: "We least liked the wait to use the restroom."
Desavantatges: "Weird departure time."
Desavantatges: "I was disappointed with the airports in China"
Desavantatges: "I was disappointed with the airports in China"
Avantatges: "The overall flight was good"
Desavantatges: "The crew was tired with no much patience. I asked for water and one of the crew told me that it is water on the back without asking if i can go there and take by myself"
Avantatges: "Crew members were nice Direct flight to Beijing from Seattle"
Desavantatges: "Customer service didn't speak English Couldn't choose seats ahead of time The food options were not good Can't use your phone in flight Not many entertainment options The check in in Bangkok was a mess and 2/3rds of the workers were sitting around on their phones"
Avantatges: "They provided the flight replacement"
Desavantatges: "The airplane had some technical problem and after sitting 1,5h inside we had to come back to the airport and wait another 4h for another airplane. The communication was poor, there was lack of information, at least for those who don't speak Chinese.."
Avantatges: "Loved that they showed season 1 of "Atlanta" in its entirety!"
Avantatges: "the bathrooms were kept fairly clean"
Desavantatges: "the entertainment system was broken was never apologized for the inconvenience . I wouldve flown a different airline if i knew this."
Desavantatges: "No me llegó una de las maletas y la actitud del personal en el aeropuerto fue evasiva. No habían películas occidentales en las opciones del entretenimiento. Había un niño inquieto y bulloso justo detrás de mí y el personal del avión nunca hizo nada"
Avantatges: "Flight was canceled but didn't know it because of internet restrictions in China. Communication throughout the entire 13 hour ordeal of trying to get to Beijing and getting another flight to the United States was poor. Observation is that international flights seem much better than domestic fligbts."
Desavantatges: "Communication."
Avantatges: "The seat was okay, and the food was nice."
Desavantatges: "Plane arrive very late, and I have to wait quite a long time for lift off. Due to late arrival, they ask me to wait 24 hour to take next flight to Bangkok. They bring me to free hotel, but the hotel was not good. Also, Hainan Airline is located in Terminal 2, not 3 which is quite old and ticketing and translating was annoying... this was my worst flight experience ever....."
Avantatges: "Nothing"
Desavantatges: "Didn't like being treated like a foreigner in my own country workers at counter talked down to me coz I wasn't Chinese I ask if they can assist my daughter when they land in China to get on other plane said they don't provide that service. Instead of ticketing her all the way my daughter had to get off in China and go to ticketing and get ticket for other flight to Bangkok"
Desavantatges: "I did not get aeroplan Credit"
Desavantatges: "Food wasn't that good. The flight crew and amenities were very nice however."
Avantatges: "Everything except the crew and the food"
Desavantatges: "I couldn't communicate with the crew cuz they couldn't speak English. I'm not saying that they have to be fluent speakers but still it was international flight Shanghai to Seattle! I mean come on now! If there was one crew member that can understand what I was saying that would have been nice!"
Avantatges: "No issues. Better than China Eastern by far. Boarding chaotic. Crew attentive."
Desavantatges: "Please let us select our seats online, your phone service is poor..."
Avantatges: "Very smooth flight, safe Good food, confront set."
Desavantatges: "The food, set, the service."
Avantatges: "Lots of movies, Tv, and music to keep entertained. Many good Food options and drink choices were great!"
Desavantatges: "Seats a little small and by the time the food came to us they only had one option left so that was a bummer."
Avantatges: "The plane was new, there was ample personal space (relatively speaking for Economy, of course), the food was not bad and the staff was kind."
Desavantatges: "It was OK as far as Economy flying goes!"
Desavantatges: "did not like being led to tarmac"
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "Todo."
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "Nada confortable la gente encima de ti"
Desavantatges: "La comida y el entretenimiento"
Avantatges: "Nada"
Desavantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "Gate change notice"
Avantatges: "Nothing. Very small seats. 4 seats and 3 spaces for feet. Cannot put our carryon (small) under seat. Very hot."
Desavantatges: "Nothing. Very small seats. 4 seats and 3 spaces for feet. Cannot put our carryon (small) under seat. Very hot."
Avantatges: "On time"
Avantatges: "Amazing crew and service"
Avantatges: "Check in rápido, asientos cómodos, control de equipaje"
Desavantatges: "Comida avión"
Avantatges: "Crew was friendly and accommodating even though I was non-Chinese"
Avantatges: "Muy buenos los asientos de exit!!!!!!"
Avantatges: "Movie selection"
Desavantatges: "Not having carts crashed into your knees"
Avantatges: "Great customer service, and very comfortable ride"
Avantatges: "Friendly and helpful crew. Efficient check-in"
Desavantatges: "Airplane food and overpriced extra baggage"
Avantatges: "Food was alright, staff was attentive"
Desavantatges: "Not easy to sleep as there were no blindfolds available."
Avantatges: "No me gustó nada al contrario no hablan ni el idioma inglés ni español"
Desavantatges: "Me intoxique con la comida y vomite y estuve dentro del avión vomitando como 25 mnts y me fui a mi asiento y me sentí mareada de tanto vomitar y trajeron una doctora y me hizo preguntas de 3 meses si tuve algo oh alérgica a un medicamento y le dije que have 7 meses sólo había tenido un ataque al corazón que no tiene que ver con la intoxicación de la comida y dijeron que no pero no tenia nada solo el malestar u decidieron bajarme en otra Ciudad Alaska sin consultar primero y no me sentía grabe solo mareada de la fuerza del vomito y de ahí me mandaron para Ciaro luego los Ángeles y de ahí para China cantón y ahora me toca regresarme y no me dejan subir al avión si no traigo un certificado médico estoy en.China yo no conozco ningún hospital y no tengo médico de cabecera viajo al año 15 veces puedo mandar fotos de mi pasaporte y nunca me a pasado esto con la comida y menos de tirarme en otra ciudad ahora no puedo regresar a mi País de Recidemcia USA por que no quieren que suba entonces que hago aquí comprar otro ticket por que"
Avantatges: "La puntualidad y atención en la aerolínea es muy buena. Tienen variedad de películas y series. La comida es buena. Todos los asientos tienen una pequeña almohada y cobija para ir más cómodos."
Desavantatges: "El espacio entres asientos para un viaje largo no es tan cómoda pero siempre existe la opción de comprar VIP"
Avantatges: "Pretty much on time. Normal professional and reliable flight by Air China crew. Tracking the flight on video is very much appreciated."
Desavantatges: "Poor selection of movies. The usual choice of beef and fish. How about a more creative dish such as pasta?"
Avantatges: "Todo en hora, y sin problemas"
Desavantatges: "Como cosa no tan positiva, al llegar de mañana a aeropuerto siguen dando comida en lugar de un buen desayuno"
Desavantatges: "the food was so bad. no vegetarian options"
Avantatges: "Friendly flight, nice people"
Desavantatges: "Food wasn't good."
Avantatges: "Crew was professional and helpful"
Desavantatges: "No wifi. Food was just ok."
Desavantatges: "Did not received two luggage bags"
Avantatges: "Good to have a footrest. Toilets in good condition."
Desavantatges: "Low entertainment options Low quality of food. Same sauce used for both the meals. Didn't smell that great."
Avantatges: "Food tasted good."
Desavantatges: "We only got two meals 9 hours apart, on a plane ride 13 hours long! We were starving for nine hours! We only got a drink offering after 6 hours. This made me soo dehydrated and dizzy"
Desavantatges: "Worst experience ever. Costumer service is horribld. Flight continously delayed with 10 minute notifications. Never recommend this flight"
Desavantatges: "Entertainment screen is fault."
Desavantatges: "Flight was delayed overnight 6 hours, no communication whatsoever. No attempt to help make connection or apologize.. Service is mediocre at best. Seats are tiny, little to no leg room."
Avantatges: "Comfortable"
Avantatges: "Food was decent."
Desavantatges: "Overall air China service is quite poor."
Desavantatges: "The food"
Desavantatges: "since this portion of my flight was cancelled by air china they tried to book me on the next day but my husband decided to come meet me in beijing after getting me a hotel and driver to pick me up the night that i was stranded. i told air china not to book me on the flight the following morning that i wasn't going to take it. they never did that and ended up cancelling the entire remaining flights on air china. this was the worst experience with an airline i've ever experienced."
Avantatges: "En general bueno, el avión llegó antes de lo previsto"
Avantatges: "El personal en el vuelo atento en los requerimientos"
Desavantatges: "."
Avantatges: "En general el vuelo fue bueno"
Desavantatges: "La estadía en el cuarto blanco en Vancouver pudiera ser más agradable y a lo mejor tener un poco de agua o café en lo que se espera"
Avantatges: "When the flight delays, as least the crew need to tell the passengers when the flight will be fight or boarding."
Avantatges: "Excellent service attentive staff / good selection of wine and food"
Desavantatges: "Entertainment very limited for non Chinese"
Avantatges: "NOTHING"
Desavantatges: "horrible airline."
Desavantatges: "Lousy food. It was not as ordered.....Indian pure veg meal."
Avantatges: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desavantatges: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Avantatges: "El personal de cabina fuen perfecto, más que perfecto. La comida muy correcta."
Desavantatges: "El avión era viejo, sucio y para ser un viaje intercontinental no disponía de instrumentos para amenizar el viaje, pongamos por ejemplo no tenias la oportunidad de ver películas, cosa que en el viaje de ida si."
Avantatges: "The flight was smooth"
Desavantatges: "The God was meh I would have enjoyed more authentic Chinese food but it was hot so that's a positive"
Avantatges: "Friendly crew. Had good seats"
Desavantatges: "T.v. didn't work."
Avantatges: "Was not terrible but would not seek a flight on air china."
Desavantatges: "Old seats and poor entertainment. Was fine. And they didn't get our bags to our connecting flight."
Desavantatges: "Flight was canceled. Customer service was incredibly unprofessional."
Avantatges: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."
Desavantatges: "So many delays without a notification."
Avantatges: "Good service . Spacious seating on the long flight from the usa"
Desavantatges: "The delay in take off -two hours on the tarmac with all planes grounded with no reason stated. ."
Avantatges: "This time Air China were pretty on time for both all the trips I took, in contrast to its constant delay in the past."
Desavantatges: "The food was ok. The crew were friendly and helpful."
Desavantatges: "Check- in clerk was not very helpful"

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2 escalesAir China
22h 15minMAD-SHA
1 escalaAir China
17h 15minSHA-MAD
1884 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
42h 35minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
26h 35minSHA-BCN
2128 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 40minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
23h 25minSHA-MAD
2187 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 40minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
24h 25minSHA-MAD
2211 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 50minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
22h 40minSHA-BCN
2327 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
31h 40minAGP-SHA
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
35h 30minSHA-AGP
2372 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 00minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
44h 00minSHA-BCN
2405 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
60h 25minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
26h 05minSHA-BCN
2558 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 45minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
21h 05minSHA-MAD
2841 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 20minMAD-SHA
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
39h 30minSHA-MAD
2888 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
37h 50minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 20minSHA-BCN
2937 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
20h 15minMAD-SHA
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
47h 40minSHA-MAD
3080 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 50minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
17h 50minSHA-BCN
3350 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 50minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
17h 50minSHA-BCN
3374 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
30h 55minBCN-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
17h 50minSHA-BCN
3404 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
27h 30minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
32h 15minSHA-MAD
3930 €
2 escalesANA
37h 20minBCN-SHA
2 escalesANA
25h 55minSHA-BCN
4179 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
38h 45minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
41h 55minSHA-MAD
4427 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
19h 30minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
45h 25minSHA-MAD
4533 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
42h 05minMAD-SHA
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
24h 15minSHA-MAD
7422 €

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Ofertes recents de vols només d'anada

3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 50minMAD-SHA
1174 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 30minBCN-SHA
1176 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
25h 25minMAD-SHA
1186 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
49h 00minMAD-SHA
1232 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
30h 40minMAD-SHA
1242 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
44h 10minMAD-SHA
1252 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 05minMAD-SHA
1294 €
2 escalesAir China
19h 15minMAD-SHA
1311 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
19h 40minMAD-SHA
1333 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 50minMAD-SHA
1338 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
25h 00minMAD-SHA
1397 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
25h 00minMAD-SHA
1417 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 10minBCN-SHA
1428 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 05minMAD-SHA
1436 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 55minBCN-SHA
1467 €
2 escalesHainan Airlines
38h 30minMAD-SHA
1491 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
18h 55minMAD-SHA
1506 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
39h 55minBCN-SHA
1518 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
36h 50minMAD-SHA
1545 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
51h 25minALC-SHA
1554 €

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Ofertes recents de vols nacionals

1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
4h 00minSZX-SHA
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
3h 40minSHA-SZX
428 €
directeShenzhen Airlines
2h 30minSZX-SHA
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
4h 10minSHA-SZX
591 €
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
4h 00minSZX-SHA
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
4h 10minSHA-SZX
609 €
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
5h 55minHAK-SHA
2 escalesShenzhen Airlines
14h 15minSHA-HAK
669 €
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
7h 05minKMG-SHA
1 escalaShenzhen Airlines
6h 50minSHA-KMG
790 €

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Vols a Xangai Hongqiao


Xangai Hongqiao (SHA)Xina

Ofertes de vols de tornada:

Xangai Hongqiao - Espanya


19774 €
1511 €
1417 €
526 €

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2816 €
2223 €
11850 €
1788 €
2163 €
3241 €
1607 €
7193 €
1232 €
2663 €
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