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Puntuacions segons les valoracions dels clients de KAYAK
Korean AirPuntuació total basada en 4947 valoracions
Valoracions de les aerolínies
Avantatges: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Desavantatges: "The food was terrible."
Més informació sobre Korean Air
Avantatges: "Comfortable seat, pleasant crew."
Desavantatges: "The food was terrible."
Desavantatges: "More water, more comfortable seats"
Avantatges: "Crew super nice, appreciated all the free food that was provided during flight and hot towel."
Desavantatges: "Comfort of seats"
Avantatges: "The food was amazing"
Avantatges: "Korean Air has top notch service from crew members. Very kind and accommodating. They will really go out their way to make you feel comfortable. They also serve food on the short flight which not all airlines do between Korea and Japan. Seats are also comfortable; more leg room than other airlines."
Desavantatges: "They only gave a tuna rice ball, which I couldn’t eat because I am vegan. I wish they were more accommodating for people who eat other kinds of diets."
Avantatges: "bibinba(korean food)was very good rfor me."
Avantatges: "I really loved that the airline accommodated to me being vegan. They also provided me with vegan creamer if I wanted coffee which was great. The staff was also super friendly which was a big plus because they were easily approachable."
Avantatges: "Flight attendants were the friendliest and most patient I have ever experienced. Great customer service!!!"
Desavantatges: "Seats of any airplane could use improvement on comfort. But comfort was good."
Avantatges: "Would appreciate if they can provide a list of possible menus to choose for the meals. Consistencies on bagage claim info, and changes in boarding gates."
Desavantatges: "Inconsistencies, on my way back to montreal from the philippines, i was informed that baggage would be claimed directly to final port of destination but didnt, when i arrived at toronto i had to take my bagage and drop it off again, although my next flight would be with west jet airlines, korean air was not able to communicate well with their airline partners as to bagage claim and changes in boarding gates."
Avantatges: "Nothing"
Desavantatges: "Be told numerous time we couldn’t feed our 4yo daughter food on the plane that was not served by KAL...yeah that’s right NO apple slices for your kid on this 6 hour trip"
Avantatges: "Flight attendants are pretty and nice."
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "Comfortable seats. Excellent and courteous, and friendly service."
Avantatges: "We liked the food."
Desavantatges: "Delayed flight. Limited choices of movies onboard."
Avantatges: "Very roomie and friendly service"
Desavantatges: "None"
Avantatges: "My flight to Seoul was originally through Air Canada but my flight was cancelled due to weather in Toronto. So I was rebooked with Korean Air and I loved every minute of my flight. The staff are so talented speaking flawlessly in Korean and English. They made me feel comfortable for the whole 14 hours. I’d definitely fly with them again."
Avantatges: "Nothing."
Desavantatges: "I missed my connection because of fog. (Obviously a problem they could not fix, so I’m not upset about that.) I asked to change flights in Fukuoka so I wouldn’t miss it but I was told then I wouldn’t be able to take my connecting flight in Incheon???? Even though it was Korean Air??? Fukuoka lacked any information when our flight might come or if it would possibly be cancelled. Got to Incheon near midnight, I then waited for three and half hours in a line to rebook for the next day, and when they helped me they gave me a ticket. They said they couldn’t give me any hotel accommodations because of all the missed flights, but didn’t offer some other compensation. I didn’t get a voucher which I saw other people in line get. When I asked to upgrade to business class( I was willing to pay the extra money) I was told it was too expensive for me. After my trip I will never fly Korean Air again."
Avantatges: "Incheon Airport consistently rated one of the best in the world, has everything s traveler needs and more. Airplane was exceedingly clean, Flight Attenddents very professional, attentivel and efficient."
Desavantatges: "Too much plastics - need to be more sustainable."
Avantatges: "Everything was great, i had a connection flight and i did not have to check in like other times."
Desavantatges: "Delayed for 2 hours. Otherwise staff and service was good"
Avantatges: "I called prior to my flight and they told me due to long layover I would be provided with a hotel- usually the Hyatt, when I arrived they told me usually but not in my case. 18 hrs layover- no food or anything provided. Never again"
Desavantatges: "Everything!!"
Desavantatges: "re you trying to register for?  ~ Garrett"
Desavantatges: "Crew members are fed up with arrogance. I had to beg them to get a cup of water."
Avantatges: "Good time management"
Avantatges: "food selection & crew courtesy"
Avantatges: "Pleasant and helpful"
Desavantatges: "The food"
Avantatges: "Good service and on time"
Desavantatges: "N/a"
Avantatges: "The cabin attendants were very attentive. Food and beverages were appreciated. Hot cloths to refresh ourselves were also appreciated. Needless to say, the skill of the personnel in the cockpit is also acknowledged. The blankets, pillow, and water were also a nice touch."
Desavantatges: "The seats were comfortable, but I wish they had more cushioning for this long flight."
Avantatges: "Great service and decent food, clean new plane!"
Avantatges: "Child friendly with special requests meals. Very accommodating FAs. Always efficient from checkin to boarding. Smooth ride. Great inflight entertainment. Good food. Hot meals all the time. Very Good customer service. Would love to fly Korean Air again."
Avantatges: "The service offered was different than my trip to INC from Kona. Which I would rate excellent service. But coming back the crew made it feel inconvenient. I had to wake for others to eat. I was very tired and just wanted to sleep."
Desavantatges: "I had to wake up so person behind me could eat."
Avantatges: "Flight attendants are awesome."
Desavantatges: "The guy next to me was very drunk. He scared me a little bit."
Avantatges: "flight attendants were great"
Avantatges: "The crew are friendly, the flight was comfortable"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "The seats is clean . Crew ware nice to me."
Desavantatges: "Nothing."
Avantatges: "Tripulación extremadamente atenta, limpiaban los baños cada vez que alguien lo usaba, silenciosa. Cabina moderna, asiento totalmente reclinable, muy cómodo."
Avantatges: "Ground staff very friendly as in flight staff. Boarding orderly and seats comfortable."
Desavantatges: "Food was not very tasty"
Avantatges: "Our flight was delayed and we were accommodated by being put up in a great hotel in Seoul."
Desavantatges: "Did not like that we reached our destination in Vietnam half a day late, since we had a wedding to attend. The vegetarian/vegan meal option was very bland. The hostesses I felt were a bit sexist, perhaps due to being Korean. I asked for a glass of wine for myself and a whiskey on the rocks for my boyfriend. He was served a hefty glass 1st, and I was given my drink 2nd, which was a very small pour. I asked for more wine and was given only a tiny bit more."
Avantatges: "This was my first time on Korean Air. The flight attendants were so kind and attentive to everyone. I was very impressed. I felt the seats had more leg room and leaned back further than airlines I've flown on in the past."
Desavantatges: "special meals especially Hindu meals non vegetarian"
Avantatges: "I had a great flight."
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "I like the food,the crew are nice and very helpful"
Avantatges: "Over all, satisfaction service! Food, courteousness & facility"
Desavantatges: "None zero"
Avantatges: "Cleanliness of the restroom and hospitality"
Desavantatges: "Extremely uncomfortable seat (didn't even lean back, due to positioned in front of the wall).m"
Avantatges: "The crew was very respectful and nice"
Desavantatges: "More movie selections"
Desavantatges: "My infotainment system is not working so in my 13 hours of flight. I am sitting and sleeping. That's it."
Avantatges: "I had a short connection and the staff were diligent in getting me to my connecting flight on time. I really appreciate them going out of their way !!"
Avantatges: "Their Services are wonderful."
Desavantatges: "No negative experience with Korean Air."

Desde que llegamos al aeropuerto nos trataron muy bien. Es una aerolinea diferente y con altos estandares de calidad y de servicio.

Una aerolinea con estandares de calidad y de servicio insuperables. Nos trataron muy bien desde que llegamos al Counter.

El pase de abordar marcaba DOH, cuando llegué al aeropuerto me dijeron que mi vuelo salía de HIA, por lo que tuve que pagar un taxi para moverme de aeropuerto. La respuesta de la aerolinea fue: "lamentamos el inconveniente".

No permiten la facturación en línea de grupos. Por tanto al facturar en el aeropuerto terminábamos sentados en filas centrales y esperados.

Desavantatges: "Everything was just great in their business class."
Avantatges: "La tripulación es muy buena. El asiento no es el problema, sino la incomodidad que aporte la persona vecina."
Desavantatges: "Que haya más variedad en la comida vegana"
Avantatges: "Todo muy cómodo y amables"
Desavantatges: "El abordaje"
Avantatges: "El abordaje y descenso"
Desavantatges: "Que los asientos de dos pasajeros estuvieran un poco más separados y que el menú de entretenimiento no esté en el respaldo de los brazos porque molesta mucho al compañero"
Avantatges: "La mejor aerolínea, felicitar a la sobrecargo Viviana que se notó su profesionalismo ante mi persona."
Avantatges: "La tripulación excelente y nos dieron un obsequio"
Avantatges: "Excellent service provided by crew"
Desavantatges: "Food needs improvement"
Desavantatges: "I was not able to fly"
Avantatges: "Quality aircrafts and entertainment."
Desavantatges: "Service and helpfulness of attendants."
Desavantatges: "Me demoraron el abordaje por una batería que tenía en mi maleta facturada, 40 minutos antes de que salga vuelo, demorandome 25 minutos en atenderme para decirme que debo dejarla o declararla pero que no tengo tiempo de hacerlo o perdería el vuelo. Y ahí quedó mi batería. La comida más variada"
Avantatges: "la atencion de la tripulaciono fue muy atenta, el entretenimiento excelente, el embarque organizado"
Desavantatges: "la salida se retraso, y el espacio es algo reducido, la sensacion de corriente de aire es muy elevada en general y sonora."
Avantatges: "Very nice aircraft , crew, and supplies"
Desavantatges: "Flight delayed, so missed connecting flight and stuck in Qatar for 13 hours on top of a 22 hour regular flight schedule"
Avantatges: "bien en general"
Desavantatges: "el trayecto, intenta hacerlo mas rápido y una conexion adecuada"
Avantatges: "a la vuelta habia sitio y se venía comodo, el personal de vuelo agradable"
Desavantatges: "puntualidad, y el vuelo fue muy muy largo , el tramo de shanghai a doha se hizo eterno, 11 horas o mas"
Desavantatges: "La puntualidad. Hubo un retraso y perdimos conexión , un desastre en in viaje de trabajo , tiempo irrecuperable"
Avantatges: "I like that they deliver me safe and sound to Vietnam"
Desavantatges: "I would prefer no interruptions while I am watching my movie"
Desavantatges: "Atención al cliente: en el tramo Doha-Nairobi pedí un cambio de asiento porque el compañero de fila estaba borracho (subió borracho y empezó consumir alcohol antes de despegar el vuelo), y me enviaron a un asiento incómodo, aún cuando cuando les dije que sufro de discapacidad en una pierna"
Avantatges: "Flight was fine"
Desavantatges: "Did not serve vegetarian food even after repeated requests"
Avantatges: "Passengers with kids up To ten yrs should be boarded with passengers with infants...otherwise excellent service...i like flying with Qatar airways.."
Avantatges: "Comida excelente tanto en Business como en la sala VIP en Doha (desayuno a la carta)"
Desavantatges: "Embarque del segundo vuelo en autobús..."
Avantatges: "Comida excelente tanto en Business como en la sala VIP en Doha (desayuno a la carta)"
Desavantatges: "Embarque del segundo vuelo en autobús"
Avantatges: "Nice"
Desavantatges: "Everything ok"
Avantatges: "Qatar has the best crews. The 777-300 is the most comfortable aircraft I've ever flown on, and I'm always in the cheap seats. Plenty of food."
Desavantatges: "Some of the food dishes weren't appealing to me. But I get that trying to please everyone with everything on diverse international flights is impossible."
Avantatges: "Puntualidad, comodidad"
Desavantatges: "El aire acondicionado estaba muy fuerte y aunque te quejes no lo bajan"
Avantatges: "Food, entertainment options, comfortable seats, warm blankets"
Avantatges: "Un vuelo tranquilo y agradable, y la atención de la tripulación excelente. Lo único malo la comida. Muy difícil dormir a no ser que tengas delante salida de emergencia"
Avantatges: "Buena atención, buen vuelo, la comida bien. Nada que objetar"
Avantatges: "Staff was outstanding"
Desavantatges: "N/A"
Avantatges: "Helpful and friendly crew"
Desavantatges: "Same as kochi to Doha flight"
Desavantatges: "Todo súper bien"
Avantatges: "Films Service"
Desavantatges: "Not enough films"
Desavantatges: "Todo súper bien"
Desavantatges: "Súper bien"
Avantatges: "Vuelo muy bueno con pocos pasajeros y todos los servicios excelentes."
Avantatges: "El avión muy cómodo, limpio y todo funcionaba ok. El personal muy amable."
Desavantatges: "Nada."
Avantatges: "Qatar business es la mejor con diferencia"
Avantatges: "El vuelo perfecto, el personal atento en todo momento , como siempre para repetir"
Desavantatges: "La comida suele ser aceptable , lo unico en estas compañias aereas pica un poquito y tiene muchas especiaes, pero en general bien"
Avantatges: "El vuelo perfecto, el personal atento en todo momento , como siempre para repetir"
Desavantatges: "La comida suele ser aceptable , lo unico en estas compañias aereas pica un poquito y tiene muchas especiaes, pero en general bien"
Avantatges: "Very organized, helpful staff, they also provide lots of entertainment and food"
Avantatges: "Everything"
Desavantatges: "Long hours from Doha to Atlanta"
Avantatges: "on my flight from bkk to Doha all the flight attendants were very helpful. One in particular with the name Mary Jane, was very helpful and she stood out among the rest. Thank you for your kindness and help when I couldn't eat some of the foods on board. Whom can I write an email to so that I can be sure that she gets noticed for her work? Thank you"
Avantatges: "Clean. Friendly staff. Good food. Good entertainment."
Desavantatges: "Small cramped seats."
Avantatges: "Seats are comfortable with plenty of leg space. Aircrafts were clean and tidy. Landing and take off were smoothest I have ever experienced."
Desavantatges: "Menu choice was very basic and quantity was also poor. Food quality was below par in terms of taste and presentation. In-flight crew was inefficient and flow. Meal trays laid on meal tables for hours after the passengers finished food. Flight attendants literally responded in over 30 min of call. I pressed special meals online before boarding. However, the flight attendants were not sure. They went back to kitchen to verify that and return with the ordered meal."
Desavantatges: "A little crowded but still great service."
Avantatges: "Nothing"
Desavantatges: "Was forced to purchase a return ticket or was not allowed to board the plane. Had to pay 850.00 dollars. In process of requesting a refund."
Avantatges: "Increíble la amabilidad del personal, la comida muy rica y abundante al igual que la bebida"

Pésimo humor de la trip

La cantidad de opciones del entrenamiento a bordo es excelente sólo deberían agregar opciones en castellano Muy mala actitud de la tripulación salvo los que había españoles Bajo mucho la calidad de lo que era antes de la oande

Salvo lo largo del viaje… impecable todo..!

Todo perfecto… una de las mejores aerolíneas que he viajado!

Se restrasó el abordaje pero en general fue bueno y sin contratiempos. No me gustó que no te permitan bajar al piso principal cuando vas en vuelo de conexion.

Excelente servicio y linea aérea, buenos espacios de equipaje y gran servicio de comida. Los espacios un poco justos para un vuelo interoceánico, pero de lo mejor que he visto

Ns yo

El servicio y amabilidad

Excelente servicio y comida !!!

Pude hacer un upgrade a ultima hora que hizo de mi viaje muy agradable. El programa ICE de entretenimiento es muy bueno. La comida y los licores y vinos excelentes.

Todo muy bueno

Avantatges: "El servicio de principio a fin de Emirates ,pasaron por mi al hotel con un auto privado"
Desavantatges: "El mejor vuelo en mi vida....muy recomendable"
Desavantatges: "La conexión en Dubái"
Desavantatges: "Deberían entrar después de la primera clase las personas de segunda clase pero primero los que están más atrás en el avión"
Avantatges: "The very dirty bathrooms"
Desavantatges: "Entertaynment"
Avantatges: "Todo, gracias"
Avantatges: "Not friendily"
Desavantatges: "The airplain"
Avantatges: "Good tripulation service."
Desavantatges: "My seat has the table broken, so I had to hold with my legs, and the USB connector was broken, I couldn't connect my pendrive."
Avantatges: "Su llega a tiempo"
Desavantatges: "Que hablen el idioma español o lo básico"
Avantatges: "Muy buena comida. Y la tripulación muy amable."
Avantatges: "El vuelo fue muy puntual, el viaje tranquilo."
Avantatges: "Entertainment system has a great selection, leg space even in economy is big enough."
Desavantatges: "Definitely food, mozarella sandwich was of very poor quality. Also after serving food, it takes them 2 hours to collect trays so you get stuck on your seat and can forget about toilet :("
Desavantatges: "El Boeing 777 se queda pequeño para lo largo del viajes"
Avantatges: "La comidas del avión"
Avantatges: "Todo super bien"
Desavantatges: "Nada. Todo estuvo bien"
Avantatges: "Las camaras del avion"
Desavantatges: "La comida, no fue suficiente para todos los pasajeros la eleccion"
Avantatges: "La atención y tripulación"
Desavantatges: "Como anda el tactil de la pantalla"
Desavantatges: "Excelencia!"
Desavantatges: "Comodidad, excelente comida, excelente entrenamiento y el personal muy profesional y servicial."
Desavantatges: "No tengo quejas, hasta ahora para mi la mejor aerolínea!"
Avantatges: "Todo el servicio en cabina es excelente!"
Desavantatges: "Son demasiado estrictos con el equipaje, lleve el equipaje con los estándares que ellos requieren pero aún así me hicieron sacar cosas de la maleta y ponerlas en una bolsa para entonces llevar el mismo peso pero en dos partes, pase un momento desagradable."
Avantatges: "El sevicio en general"
Avantatges: "Llegó a horario"
Desavantatges: "Desorden en el embarque"
Avantatges: "Cortesia de hotel nota muy buena desayuno exelente"
Desavantatges: "La comida y el vino NO estan al nivel de esta gran linea aerea"
Desavantatges: "They changed my pre reserved seat without telling me and I was by the bathroom. Super uncomfortable the entire flight."
Avantatges: "Es mi primera vez con Emirates Airlines, y debo decir que hasta ahora (al menos para mí), es la mejor compañía con la que volado. Todo sensacional y a muy buen precio."
Avantatges: "Todo ok"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "De las mejores compañías la recomiendo 100x100"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "Todo ok"
Desavantatges: "Nada que decir"
Avantatges: "Cómo siempre Emirates no falla"
Desavantatges: "Nada que destacar"
Avantatges: "Personal excelente; simpático, servicial, educado y muy profesional"
Desavantatges: "El business de Emirates es excelente, el mejor en el que he viajado y los A380 son otro mundo de comfort y placer"
Avantatges: "Todo fue sobre horario previsto. Me gustó la cantidad de música a la que se puede acceder durante el vuelo y como está organizada. La selección de las películas también es correcta."
Avantatges: "Todo fue sobre horario previsto. Me gustó la cantidad de música a la que se puede acceder durante el vuelo y como está organizada. La selección de las películas también es correcta."
Avantatges: "Entretenimiento"
Desavantatges: "Avión mas viejo Se acabó la comida que quería"
Avantatges: "Comida Entretenimiento a bordo"
Desavantatges: "Nada"
Avantatges: "El personal de a bordo es muy amable e intenta satisfacer todas las necesidades. El espacio entre asientos de clase economica es muy bueno"
Desavantatges: "Por ser tan amables. En lugar de servir a todos. Cualquiera que pedía algo era atendido antes que aquellos que no habían recibido vomida aún por ejemplo."
Avantatges: "Salimos en hora y llegamos antes. Vuelo perfecto y personal correcto."
Desavantatges: "Vuelo norcturno, de 21:40 a 7:15.... Podría decir q lo único malo es q no dormí nada y siempre duermo en los vuelos... pero es algo q no se le puede achacar al vuelo en sí."
Avantatges: "Los sillones son comodos, la atencion, la comida , el avion era barbaro, ni se sentia cuando aterrizaba"
Desavantatges: "Que me sacaran los auriculares antes de llegar y no pude terminar de ver lapelicula..un detalle"
Avantatges: "The crew was very nice"
Desavantatges: "Softer seats more wholesome videos"
Avantatges: "Everything"
Desavantatges: "Everything"
Avantatges: "Puntualidad"
Avantatges: "Puntualidad"
Desavantatges: "La atención a la categoría Emerald, ni en LAX ni HKG ni durante el vuelo el tener categoría Emerald hizo diferencia alguna con la atención recibida a diferencia de Qatar, AA o Japan Airlines en que se esmeran en el buen trato a los viajeros frecuentes de la alianza one world."
Desavantatges: "There is only a food box which contains a small sandwich, a small cake and a small cup of fruit pieces with a drink of 250ml ice tea for this three hour flight. I would think this kind of catering is not good enough."
Avantatges: "La comodidad del avión, el entretenimiento a bordo muy completo y el catering a bordo muy bueno"
Desavantatges: "La atención del personal. Parecían poco felices pero me pasó en los 3 vuelos que tomé en Cathay"
Avantatges: "The luggage space was good."
Avantatges: "The food was amazing, and the cabin crews were all very nice people. I would love to use Cathay Pacific in my next trip. Also, I loved that they provide a lot of diverse movies from all over the world, along with good music lists."
Desavantatges: "Honestly i think there are not much space for each passenger."
Avantatges: "Todo"
Desavantatges: "Distancia de asientos"
Avantatges: "El entretenimiento de abordo y el espacio entre asientos"
Desavantatges: "El personal, es muy poco amable"
Avantatges: "In flight entertainment was quite good"
Desavantatges: "I was offered an earlier flight departing from London, which was good but was delayed in the end. But I was not told my connecting flight was changed too (new boarding pass not issued and I only realized from the baggage slip) - I had to pay 100 usd to change flights again!"
Avantatges: "lost connection sue ro the Arline , terrible ground staff"
Desavantatges: "lost connection sue ro the Arline , terrible ground staff"
Avantatges: "Everything was quite nice."
Desavantatges: "Happy with everything. Staff were very friendly and helpful."
Avantatges: "The flight attendants were kind and attentive and professional. I enjoyed being able to watch movies of my choice. Great selection of entertainment available. Food was good and the Hagen Daze ice cream was a great surprise!"
Desavantatges: "I’m thin but 177cm tall (long legs) so the seats were wide but leg room was uncomfortable for me. Also, the posture of the seats are not good for spinal or neck alignment so, again not comfortable. No support for the lower back and very limited reclinablity."
Avantatges: "The crew was average. Few of them were hospitable and friendly."
Desavantatges: "After allowing first and business class passengers if boarding is done from the tail end that makes things easier and less messy or chaotic. Many airlines does that way and it seems very much civilized approach."
Avantatges: "The crew was excellent...very flexible with meal service and appropriate presence during the long 14 hour flight."
Desavantatges: "Quality of movie options not very good."
Avantatges: "Food"
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "Nothing I like"
Desavantatges: "The seats assigned are so at the back at the aircraft. Even both of us are members of the airline we haven’t received any flight notification. That’s really bad"
Desavantatges: "Very good"
Avantatges: "The staff being very attentive & prompt , great service"
Desavantatges: "Seats not comfortable for a long haul flights"
Avantatges: "No llego mi maleta a Vancouver"
Avantatges: "No llego mi maleta a la cuidad de Vancouver y tenía una conexión y fue todo un desastre con tantas vueltas"
Desavantatges: "No hay películas en español"
Avantatges: "Every aspect was smooth and efficient."
Avantatges: "Sevices and food are good"
Desavantatges: "None"
Avantatges: "The new plane"
Avantatges: "Great food (probably the best I’ve had on a flight) and a fairly good in flight entertainment."
Desavantatges: "The crew was good , but I observed that one aisle got a follow up of drinks more than my aisle. It made me wish that I was sitting in that aisle."
Avantatges: "Good entertainment choices, but the system itself was awkward and slow to respond."
Desavantatges: "The 777 was tired. Tray tables weren’t clean and it was fitted with seats that did not recline. Most uncomfortable!"
Avantatges: "Short stop over"
Desavantatges: "Flight stewardess keeps saying "we don't have this, we don't have that, we run out of it"."
Avantatges: "In flight service was excellent. Food was great. Good variety of entertainment options."
Desavantatges: "The boarding process was a little confusing. Could not hear which rows were being called up and the line was really long."
Avantatges: "Service at every step and level."
Desavantatges: "Nothing."
Avantatges: "service and comfort"
Avantatges: "The head staff making sure that me and my 4 year old are well taking care off. Super nice staff"
Desavantatges: "The security staff and their approach and way of communicating"
Avantatges: "Good service."
Desavantatges: "Plane was old but clean."
Avantatges: "Seat unconfortable no legroom ."
Avantatges: "keep it up"
Avantatges: "Need more movie selection on classic"
Avantatges: "All the Cathay staff members I dealt with were great! At the airport they were very helpful in getting me onto another flight, as my flight had been delayed, which in turn would make me miss my second flight. All the cabin crews were very friendly. I think that the people that work for Cathay make up for a lot of what Cathay lacks in other aspects."
Desavantatges: "There was not enough information about the flight delays and the causes for these delays. It was a little stressful and rushed as my layover in HK was quite short. The boarding process could be a lot better if people were boarded according to rows. Food on most Cathay flights in general was pretty disappointing. It would also be great to have wi-fi on the flights. Especially considering how long some of the flights can be."
Avantatges: "Inflight entertainment."
Desavantatges: "All the food menu options were not available."
Desavantatges: "The child sitting behind me keeps kicking my seat and never stops making all kinds of noise, that really sucks! One attendant (I believe she is from Hong Kong because she once emphasized that she does not understand Mandarin and she only speaks Cantonese and English) she had different faces and attitudes towards foreigners, people who are Hong Kong citizens and people who are from the Mainland China, which made me and my friends really uncomfortable..."
Avantatges: "Crew was good"
Desavantatges: "Waiting time , as the flight was not scheduled on time. Also there was no vegeterian food from Honk Kong to SFO."
Avantatges: "More space between seats"
Desavantatges: "Little to no vegetarian option"
Avantatges: "Stewardesses were nice and accomodating"
Desavantatges: "Plane seemed a bit older for an international flight. Not much legroom, poor entertainment options no games and there were no adjustable air vents."
Avantatges: "Service"
Desavantatges: "bring back Me Before You!"
Avantatges: "Seats are comfort"
Desavantatges: "Considering travelling on business class, there were no more dinner for 2 people after 1 hour of sleeping. I though dinner should be on held when people were sleeping in business class. In fact, I am wrong."
Avantatges: "seating was very good and confortable, nothing to complain about"
Desavantatges: "Passenger seat is very hard and after 12-15 hours in most uncomfortable."
Desavantatges: "The reading light did not work. The drinking water was cloudy and tasted funny."
Avantatges: "the aircraft is new and comfortable."
Desavantatges: "the meals are not as good as the past. the meal did not have entree and dessert even the maincourse was not as good as previous flight. i think the CX was curbing the expense on its meals."
Avantatges: "The flight was on time, and my luggage made it through the connection."
Desavantatges: "The audio on the TV didn't work, but otherwise, no problem."
Avantatges: "seat, food"
Desavantatges: "Crew was fantastic. Very attentive to passengers’ needs. From check in to baggage claim, China Airlines was fantastic. When many passengers needed to board aconnecting flight in Taipei to Bangkok with very little time, crew members shepherded all of us through the tram and security right to boarding. It was fantastic. China Airlines is my “go to” company for any routes on my travels they provide in the future. Thank you China Airlines!!!"
Avantatges: "Entertainment, crew and food"
Desavantatges: "Seat space"
Desavantatges: "Leg room in economy is just tight"
Avantatges: "Not too expensive"
Desavantatges: "Better/more comfortable seats"
Avantatges: "El servicio del personal"
Desavantatges: "La calidad de los 747, viejos y en bastante mal estado"
Avantatges: "Friendly and attentive flight attendants."
Desavantatges: "Food and quality of entertainment screen for economy."
Avantatges: "Food was a solid ok!"
Desavantatges: "They cycled heating and cooling during the flight, but the heating can be a little too much and make the air difficult to breathe and felt really stuffed and dry in the space."
Avantatges: "All my family wanted to have chicken flavor ,but we all got the wrong one"
Avantatges: "Though the boarding process for this flight had the passengers take a shuttle to board the plane, I actually preferred this, because it seemed that the process was more efficient. The crew was quick to get everyone settled and our flight departed within just a couple of minutes from the original departure time. Seemed as though it was way faster than the normal gate departures of most flights I've been on."
Avantatges: "Very clean and on time"
Desavantatges: "Legroom was tight. Much less than the sfo/Tiapie leg"
Avantatges: "Crew was friendly and attentive. Wide range of entertainment to choose from."
Desavantatges: "Boarding was done half the plane each, so I stood in line waiting to board for a long time. I also had the middle seat, which was uncomfortable for sleeping. I would upgrade for a window seat next time. There were only meat options for the food, and no main courses for vegetarians."
Avantatges: "I especially liked the meals, entertainment, and really friendly staff."
Desavantatges: "No issues."
Desavantatges: "I took four flights total to Bali and back ever single flight was delayed in boarding..."
Avantatges: "Cabin and crew and ground staff are well mannered."
Desavantatges: "Nothing"
Avantatges: "Staff is friendly and accommodating"
Desavantatges: "The cleanliness of the plane"
Avantatges: "same as above"
Desavantatges: "same as above"
Avantatges: "Easy flight from TPE to SIN. The plane was clean and the crew were attentive and pleasant."
Desavantatges: "The plane was older and starting to show signs of wear and tear. The snacks were okay, but the meal served was nearly inedible. Limited selection of beverages. The entertainment system was slow and did not contain as much content as other international lines I've flown."
Avantatges: "Flight attendants were organized and professional. English was mediocre at best."
Desavantatges: "Seats are very uncomfortable. No padding in the bottom cushion."
Avantatges: "Attendants were polite and helpful"
Avantatges: "My seat was spacious while my wife's seat was up in the front and cramped."
Desavantatges: "I don't understand what was going through the China Airlines check in agents mind when he never asked us where we wanted to sit and decided on his own to seat us 10 rows apart from each other? Very very disappointed."
Avantatges: "All staff were really attentive and delivered an excellent service quickly and efficiently."
Avantatges: "Staff were extremely efficient. Food service was too."
Desavantatges: "Second meal was not up to par with the first meal. Movie selection needs improvement; only found one of many to watch."
Avantatges: "Lot of food, good entertainment selections, friendly"
Desavantatges: "Did not appreciate the Delayson the flights, and this is annoying that you are making me type a certain amount of characters for a review"
Avantatges: "Friendly staffs, decent leg room, boarding process was smooth"
Desavantatges: "A little limited movie selections & food was ok"
Avantatges: "The crew memebers were very kind and assisted in any way possible."
Desavantatges: "The seats were not that comfortable and very close together. Very booked flight"
Avantatges: "Vuelo en hora, comfortable"
Avantatges: "Flights were on time no delays. Considering it was a really long flights w connections its great that they are on time. Cabin attendants excellent!"
Avantatges: "Service and flight was mediocre and flight time was longer than I thought."
Desavantatges: "Economy chair doesn't recline at all. It was a minial space compare other airline's international flight."
Avantatges: "Good Service and very comfortable business class seat"
Desavantatges: "Las películas están en chino e inglés. Algunos en francés, Italiano o Alemán. Con la cantidad de castellano parlantes que hay en el mundo no entiendo que no haya películas en castellano."
Avantatges: "I am a vegetarian and they didnt have any options. Whatever options the crew could find, they said it was vegetarian but i dont think it was. The crew didnt understand english and couldnt speak english at all. Come-on you are operating an international airlines. The check in took good TWO hours- never have seen this delay in check in."
Avantatges: "Need more movies and newer movies"
Avantatges: "comfortable seating and up to date entertainment."
Desavantatges: "Food was not that good."
Avantatges: "Crew was nice and polite"
Desavantatges: "No information, lack of communication"
Avantatges: "Seats were quiet comfy, great movie selection on a personal touch screen tv, delicious meals and drinks."
Desavantatges: "Not enough toilet rooms for the amount of the passengers it caries"
Avantatges: "My flight to Taipei was a positive experience. Premium economy was quite an act of kindness to oneself. The seats were roomy and comfortable. Noise canceling headphones are worth the weight in gold. I would recommend the seat as worth the extra money."
Desavantatges: "The food actually was surprisingly poor. The congee simply didn't deserve the title. Sludge perhaps would better suit it. The next meal was much better with the shrimp salad."
Avantatges: "Amazing. Cant wait to go back on this 777 airplane!"
Avantatges: "Long delay."
Avantatges: "Service, Seat, food, and movies."
Desavantatges: "having to get up and ask for more beverages"
Avantatges: "See Above"
Desavantatges: "See Above"
Avantatges: "I loved the food service and good customer service overall"
Desavantatges: "Hard to fall asleep but I'm sure it's like that on every flight"
Desavantatges: "Delayed boarding and take off"
Avantatges: "Crews were nice ."
Desavantatges: "Not serving enough water during freight."
Avantatges: "3 more inches of leg room."
Desavantatges: "smallest seat ever. Could mot move or fit. Could not fit a lap top either."
Avantatges: "Friendly crew, flight attendant remembers that I'm English speaking though I look Asian!!"
Desavantatges: "Food could have been a bit better as far as more flavors."
Avantatges: "The interior design of the cabin is inspired by the Song Dynasty. Great entertainment system and new chairs."
Desavantatges: "I was impressed by a few of the cabin crew 魏子容 (01/10 New York to Taipei) and 沈佳蓉 and her team leader(1/28 Taipei to New York) They provide a heart warming service throughout the 16 hours flight time."
Desavantatges: "En unos pocos meses he realizado el mismo trayecto con China Airlines y en ambos casos he terminado corriendo por el aeropuerto de Hong Kong para coger mi siguiente vuelo."
Avantatges: "They were patient and polite, and fed us on the relatively short flight."
Desavantatges: "The food was okay."
Avantatges: "I like the camera view"
Desavantatges: "passengers jamming carry-ons in the overhead there was no more room for my small backpack which they said had to stay under the seat in front of me which restricted my leg room and comfort."

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Ofertes recents de vols d'anada i tornada

2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 45minMAD-KIX
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
22h 00minKIX-MAD
980 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
21h 55minMAD-KIX
2 escalesChina Airlines
31h 30minKIX-MAD
1005 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
21h 20minMAD-KIX
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
22h 00minKIX-MAD
1006 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
19h 55minMAD-KIX
2 escalesCathay Pacific
47h 45minKIX-MAD
1010 €
1 escalaAir China
16h 30minMAD-KIX
1 escalaAir China
25h 10minKIX-MAD
1011 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
23h 50minMAD-KIX
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
25h 30minKIX-MAD
1035 €
2 escalesQatar Airways
31h 30minMAD-KIX
2 escalesQatar Airways
27h 45minKIX-MAD
1036 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
19h 55minMAD-KIX
2 escalesCathay Pacific
47h 45minKIX-MAD
1041 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
19h 35minMAD-KIX
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
27h 55minKIX-MAD
1050 €
2 escalesQatar Airways
31h 30minMAD-KIX
2 escalesQatar Airways
27h 45minKIX-MAD
1061 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
19h 35minMAD-KIX
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 40minKIX-MAD
1064 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
17h 40minMAD-KIX
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
32h 45minKIX-MAD
1068 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
27h 55minMAD-KIX
2 escalesChina Airlines
25h 35minKIX-MAD
1069 €
1 escalaDiverses aerolínies
17h 40minMAD-KIX
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
31h 45minKIX-MAD
1074 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
21h 55minMAD-KIX
2 escalesChina Airlines
25h 30minKIX-MAD
1178 €
2 escalesKLM
20h 10minMAD-KIX
2 escalesKLM
21h 50minKIX-MAD
1231 €
2 escalesKLM
20h 10minMAD-KIX
2 escalesKLM
21h 50minKIX-MAD
1258 €
1 escalaAir China
16h 30minMAD-KIX
1 escalaAir China
25h 10minKIX-MAD
1301 €
1 escalaAir China
16h 30minMAD-KIX
1 escalaAir China
25h 10minKIX-MAD
1303 €
1 escalaAir France
19h 40minMAD-KIX
1 escalaAir France
19h 35minKIX-MAD
1330 €

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3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
48h 00minMAD-KIX
440 €
2 escalesChina Southern
48h 15minMAD-KIX
466 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
29h 00minMAD-KIX
509 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
19h 55minMAD-KIX
528 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
34h 45minMAD-KIX
533 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
19h 55minMAD-KIX
534 €
2 escalesCathay Pacific
19h 35minMAD-KIX
536 €
1 escalaCathay Pacific
19h 55minMAD-KIX
542 €
3 escalesDiverses aerolínies
31h 45minMAD-KIX
545 €
2 escalesDiverses aerolínies
22h 40minMAD-KIX
605 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
27h 55minMAD-KIX
606 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
22h 45minMAD-KIX
666 €
1 escalaAir France
37h 30minMAD-KIX
689 €
2 escalesChina Airlines
23h 50minMAD-KIX
707 €
1 escalaChina Eastern
39h 05minMAD-KIX
789 €
1 escalaAir France
19h 40minMAD-KIX
790 €
1 escalaEmirates
18h 55minMAD-KIX
814 €
1 escalaKorean Air
38h 15minMAD-KIX
819 €
1 escalaEmirates
18h 55minMAD-KIX
839 €
1 escalaAir China
16h 30minMAD-KIX
959 €

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Vols Madrid - Osaka Kansai Intl


Madrid (MAD)Espanya


Osaka Kansai Intl (KIX)Japó

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Osaka Kansai Intl - Madrid


973 €
854 €

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